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Gossip: David Moyes to Replace Neil Lennon at Bolton Wanderers?

The award for 'bat shit mental tweet of the week' goes to.....

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

It started with a tweet:

Mr Ogden of the Telegraph has responded to the supposedly inevitable sacking of David Moyes by suggesting it could be bad news for two struggling Championship managers from these here parts, Gary Bowyer of Dingle Farm and our very own Neil Lennon.

Three games without a goal and a failure to beat Championship new boys Bristol City and Preston North End have seen the press, and dare I say it sections of the Wanderers faithful, begin to murmur about Neil Lennon's future at Bolton Wanderers.

As long as this run of shambolic form continues, stories like this will not go away until the Ginger Mourinho (2015-16 edition) is either sacked, resigns, or miraculously turns his side's form around. Regardless, it seems like Odgen has found his boss' stash of Scotch in the office and is having a whale of a time on a Sunday evening.

The supposedly imminent arrivals of Joao Teixeira (Liverpool playmaker formerly on loan at Brighton) and Wolves winger Rajiv Van La Parra suggests that relieving Mr Lennon of his duties is not on the immediate agenda of the corridors of power at Gartside Towers.

Even if it was, I wouldn't hold your breath for David Moyes rocking up in the North West. With all due respect to Blackburn (of which there is little to none), you don't go from managing Manchester United to the bottom half of the Championship in less than two years, no matter how bad a job you've done in Stretford and San Sebastián.

Moyes was something of a laughing stock round Salford way, and his failure to impress in La Liga has certainly done him no favours. However, there is little to no chance that he will have to drop to the depths that we find ourselves in.

Now a Fulham, who have recently given Kit Symons his P45, would attract Moyes. With £11m man Ross McCormack, a statue of Michael Jackson in the broom cupboard, and the opportunity to live in "that London", would certainly tempt the Glaswegian. The trap door to League One via Lancashire would not.

Don't hold your breath. Don't pass go. Don't collect £180 million worth of debt. Don't get excited. Sit tight, watch us lose week in and week out, and wait for Keith Hill to turn down the hot seat, citing Rochdale's bright future and blossoming young talent as his reasons for viewing Spotland as a more promising place of employment than Burnden Way.

As you were, Mr Lennon. As you were