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#LOVpod Episode 35 is Live!

Not exactly a cheery listen, but certainly worth a listen all the same

Gary Madine, not exactly a goal machine
Gary Madine, not exactly a goal machine
Clint Hughes/Getty Images

Rob, Tom Molloy and Jamie bring you another healthy episode of Bolton Wanderers chatter in Episode 35 of the LOVpod.

In the absence of Chris and Dan, Rob takes on the role of host and tech wiz with some slightly dubious musical accompaniment to analyse another week in the world of Wanderers.

In this week's episode we take a look back at Wanderers' 0-0 draw with Bristol City on Saturday, then things delve into the land of negativity as we explore where it's all going wrong for Bolton and whether Neil Lennon is to blame for it.

We then take a look at the world of news from Bolton, including some bizarre news out of the Basque region of Spain via The Daily Telegraph, and round things off with another brief game of Guess Who? and this week's Twitter question.

You can listen via the link above or on iTunes and Blog Talk Radio.