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Bolton Wanderers Splash Out on Agents Fees in 2015

In the same day as news of unpaid wages Bolton reveal how much they have paid to agents, and it’s quite a lot…

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Bolton Wanderers have paid a staggering £964,869 (this will be referred to as £1 million from now on because I’m too lazy to write that number out again) to agents in this calendar year. Yes the same Bolton who today announced they couldn’t play their players this month’s wages, are losing a million a month and haven’t spent a transfer fee on a player in God knows how long have found nearly a million to give to glorified middle men.

Rather like with the unpaid wages story this broke today in The Bolton News (read here).

This sum is up quite a lot from last year where Bolton paid out £639,840 in agents’ fees. That’s £325,029 more paid out this year than last, just imagine what Bolton could do with all that extra money, pay some players or something perhaps? Although I would debate whether the players deserve a wage at the moment they certainly do more than an agent deserves a pay day, but let’s not get into all that.

The Bolton News compare this to Brighton and Hove Albion who paid out a slightly smaller sum of £912,420, and given they are sitting top of the Championship I doubt anyone will question that expenditure, and Burnley who shelled out £1,363,860 while in the Premier League. These clubs have without a doubt done far better in the transfer window than Bolton (well maybe with the exception of Burnley signing Marvin Sordell) yet somehow Bolton have spent a comparable sum on agents’ fees.

In the modern game it can hardly be said to be a surprise that Bolton have spent this much on agents fees. But given the calibre of player brought in and the financial hardship the club is experiencing at the moment you have to ask why that sum increased and what on earth the club gained from it.