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Charlton Athletic Vs Bolton Wanderers: 5 Things

5 Key Points Learnt From Our Away Draw At Charlton

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

Zach Clough – A Season Changer

Many were downbeat on Clough earlier in the season due to his quiet performances; he owned up that he found being a marked man difficult. The other night made it clear as day that he has been missed so, so, much. He has obviously had time to work on his game during his absence and was the lively Clough we saw last year. He scored no goals but lifted the rest of the team immeasurably; Mark Davies in particular. He has been flat this year but I think that was due to a lack of movement in front of him to run in to. Clough was occupying defenders by doing something Heskey and Madine don’t do, move; this gave Davies space to run in to and things happened. I’ve missed you Cloughy.

The Kids’ Done Good

Last night we saw Holding, Vela and Clough starting with Walker on the bench. No doubt they are in their partially because of under performing pro’s but it shows what fantastic work that has happened with the academy in recent years. None of them looked out of place and they all outperformed the seasoned professional’s that were ousted. Tony Kelly had said it was great to see as the previous regime was more set on making Clough do laps, freezing Vela out and getting rid of Holding all together.

Lay Off Amos

Ben Amos should have definitely done better with one of the goals last night. A shot right at him went right through him doing his best impression of a splay legged mule. Twitter reacted, with some questioning his competency between the sticks in general. This, in short is bollocks. The amount of outstanding saves he’s made this year is incredible, he’s rarely had a consistent back 4 in front of him and when he has, it’s often been Dervite.

If We Go Down, We Go Down Swinging

There is a fair chance given this awful start we will be odds on for relegation this year. Enough has been said on that and in short, it’s bad…m’kay. I can accept this because I can see the lack of investment has left us with a League 1 squad which would do well to stay in this league. What I can’t accept is the general apathy that the squad has been playing with for far too long. The wages will have no doubt worsened morale but football is more than a job and they’ve been coasting for a while. Last night showed some fire in the belly and a defiant battle cry of we’re not dead yet.

Thanks Be To Lennon

There are many questions as to whether Lennon is under performing with this squad, I would say he is but marginally. We’ve been drawing games all season and the losses have often been by a solitary goal. The margins have been thin but that’s mainly due to the lack of a striker in my opinion. During this time however Lennon has dealt with such a shower of excrement off the pitch it’s a miracle he hasn’t walked. Each week he briefs the media on matters he has no obligation to deal with, he has had to deal with players that haven’t been paid and he has managed to maintain his connection with the fans which has been sorely lacking in the past few years. Thank you Neil for conducting yourself so well and being a fine representative for the club.