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If Bolton Wanderers Players Want To Serve Notice On Their Contracts Then So What?

Lennon seems worried that players may leave if they are not paid this month, Jamie isn’t and here is why.

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

So Neil Lennon is worried that players might do what Rangers players did during their financial meltdown which is serve notice on their contracts and walk away for nothing. I’m not concerned by this at all and I will tell you why.

The first reason I am not bothered is because if any player decides to do this then they are not the type I want at Bolton Wanderers Football Club. Right now especially we need players who are 100% committed to the cause and want to fight for this club. Any player who is happy to walk away from the club clearly doesn’t fit into that. So why would we want them here?

There is also the fact that many of our players would not find a new club. There are hardly going to be clubs queuing round the block to sign Stephen Dobbie, and well if there are then that would make me a very happen man. Yeah maybe someone like David Wheater would find a new club happy to pick him up, but would any player want to take that chance while it is still possible Bolton will get out of this mess? I think that is highly unlikely.

Which of course leads neatly onto another point. Leaving one club with another not lined up is risky business. What if they don’t find a new club? What if they are left bouncing from trial to trial unable to find a new employer like our very own Shola Ameobi was? What if their only option then is another club in something of a mess, again rather like Ameobi.

What would be the point if they are playing regular football for Bolton? Surely they would be better off just waiting until someone comes in for them looking to snap them up on the cheap because we need as much cash as we can get. And if they are not playing for Bolton given where we are who in their right mind would offer them a deal?

Not only that but we could do with reducing our wage bill anyway so if some of our players want to walk out and cut our wage bill for us why should we complain? How many of our players will realistically get us a fee from anyone? If they walk away then Bolton saves money which will help get the club back on an even footing. It might just help us solve some of our financial problems which would be great.

So in short not only would no Bolton player in their right mind leave the club while it still has any life left in it, if they do then good riddance to them they aren’t the type we want at our club.