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Bolton Wanderers 2-2 Fulham: Immediate Reaction

Wet wet wet

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

Another day, another frustrating time spent at the Reebok.

Bolton Wanderers threw away three points at home to Fulham, following on from them leading 2-1 into the last five minutes courtesy of two goals from the returning Zach Clough.

Wanderers played really well on the whole, but were let down by a bizarre managerial decision which saw Clough replaced by Emile Heskey - a stump of a man who gave away a free kick on the edge of the box which led to Fulham's equaliser.

There was no good reason to remove Clough from proceedings and I want Lennon to explain why he did it. It took all the momentum out of our play and led directly to us losing two points.

The lads tried hard - they worked well as a team backed by a noisy Reebok crowd.

Plus points - definitely the return of Clough who took a while to get into the game but scored two natural finishes which gave us all hope.

The form of Liam Feeney continues to frustrate. 89 minutes of atrocious play was complemented by a ten second burst of genius which led to the second Clough strike. Feeney hid from the ball for long stages of the game and should have a long look at himself.

Oh, and Fulham were rubbish.