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Bolton Wanderers 1-1 Brentford: Five Things

Wanderers met the Bees last night in front of two men and their dogs

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

In what was a very odd game, in which both teams would claim to have deserved victory, but one in which neither side was good enough to claim the three points, Bolton Wanderers met Brentford on a cold Monday night in front of the Sky cameras and, supposedly, 12,000 hardy souls. More like 8-9,000.

Let's dive straight into things:

1) Is Neil Lennon the Problem?

I think he might well be.

Whilst devoid of options, and certainly not responsible for players playing like that, I think that Neil Lennon has to bare some of the blame for our predicament.

His chopping and changing of the side fails to breed familiarity and therefore consistency.

His constant selection of underplaying and underperforming squad members in the face of all logic defies understanding.

His refusal to bring on a sub to change the game before the 85th minute is nothing short of baffling.

I like him and I want him to do well, but I really don't think he helps himself sometimes.

He's not Scottish though, Gary.

2) No Strikers, No Point(s)

How on earth are we meant to get anywhere when we have the present crop of strikers to choose from?

Shola Ameobi and Gary Madine were the lucky pair last night - a pair who boast a combined 10 goals in the past two seasons, highlighted our plight.

Forced to come deep for the ball in order to get involved, we were so light up top that it came as no surprise that we failed to test Brentford keeper David Button on too many occasions, despite racking up 20 shots during the game.

With Zach Clough injured, Adam Le Fondre elsewhere and Jamie Thomas still learning his trade, Bolton Wanderers are as light on strikers as we have ever been, and we will not begin to make our way up the league until this problem is rectified - and that can only come with the successful conclusion of this proposed takeover. Otherwise oblivion awaits.

3) Ben Amos

I mentioned in my MOTM report that Ben Amos was the best goalkeeper in the division, and the Brentford game showed that in spades.

Barring a couple of relatively dodgy kicks, he was imperious and again saved us from a heavy defeat.

Let down time and time again by an awful Bolton defence - I'm looking at you Dorian Dervite - the former Manchester United goalkeeper had no chance with their goal but made up for conceding by saving us time and time again.

Zach Clough may be our best player, but in my opinion Ben Amos is our most important.

I just hope we can keep hold of him.

4) Liam Feeney - The Man, The Myth

What a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Feeney continues to lead our goalscoring chart, and also leads our 'assist' chart (which is basically meaningless as everyone knows that assists aren't quantifiable and cannot be used as a judge of a player), and for that he deserves credit - but he also continues to be one of our weakest links.

A winger who can't cross. A professional footballer who cannot pass.

What does he bring to the team? I don't doubt that he's trying his absolute best - but that isn't good enough.

We can't afford to carry passengers in this position and he is most definitely a passenger.

He is so predictable in his approach. a bit....cut back....overhit a cross with your left peg.

Again Neil Lennon is suffering from a lack of options and that is forcing his hand. Max Clayton's injury again robs him of a possible alternative, and so no doubt come weekend and Cardiff City at home we'll see Neil's favourite #7 in his usual spot.

5) The Fans Let the Team Down

In a week of reasonable news, and in the light of the club dropping ticket prices to a more-than-reasonable level, a paltry crowd of (supposedly) over 12,000 turned out to cheer on the lads.

A combination of poor weather, the game being televised and us being absolutely shit all united to make it a very poor do all round.

I expected more from Wanderers fans if I'm honest.

In their darkest hour the fans have seemingly abandoned the team and that is one of the biggest shames of this whole sorry episode.

I don't know what more the club could have done to encourage a better turnout, and despite the official attendance I can use the experience of my eyes and say that I reckon there was no more than 10,000 on last night.

The club needs you all - don't let them down.