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Bolton Wanderers to Hold Internal Investigation on Neil Lennon

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Clint Hughes/Getty Images

This morning, the Sunday Mirror published an exclusive story on how Neil Lennon, during his time as Bolton Wanderers manager, cheated on his long term girlfriend and threatened his mistress if she tried to reveal the details. The 'Holier than thou' brigade were out in full force on Twitter within hours. Bolton responded to the article this afternoon by announcing an inquiry will be held to determine what was true.

Outside of the shock that footballers cheat on their wives, the article also alleged that Lennon missed training sessions and let his mistress stay in the Bolton team's hotel the night before matches. 'He even asked her for advice on how to get struggling Bolton back to winning ways.', according to the Sun's online write up.

'I don't consider this to be a court, but we will see how we get on.' was the opening line of the 7 month long Leveson Inquiry into press ethics in 2011 and I believe it is applicable here. Lennon has not been accused of a crime, yet. If the allegation that he threatened the mistress with a knife, who has chosen to remain anonymous, is true then that might well change. Until those allegations are brought forward legally, I trust that the club will look into the only question that matters to them, whether the absence from training sessions has effected his ability to do his job.

We will have to wait and see what happens but until that inquiry is over, the club have said there will be no further comments.