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Rotherham United Vs Bolton Wanderers: Immediate Reaction

Matt analyses the latest instalment in our long tale of woe

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Well what an absolute shower of excrement; 4-0 against fellow strugglers. They tore in to the apathetic, spineless, men in white all afternoon, whom collectively had the passion and carried the threat of a 2 inch, flaccid penis.

A lack of Davies (injury or transfer) and the reintroduction of the woeful Dervite should have put to rest any hope of anything positive. To say the royal shafting we received was on the cards would be saying a bit much but why did we expect anything positive after 1 win in 28? 2 draws in our last 2 games gave me some hope we might get a 2-2 or a 0-0 but alas, no.

We held off in a drab 1st half, which was so boring, I considered plucking hairs from my under-satchel for something to do. Rotherham edged it but by no means by much. There was talk of Wellington coming on at half time but how ridiculous an idea is that? Lennon being proactive with substitutions? Of course not, he has more pressing issues on his mind probably.

The second half was essentially just us getting screwed in such a way, you’ll most likely see the highlights on a pornographic site rather than a football one. 4 goals all answered with a shrug of the shoulders and a roll of the eyes from the men in white.

This latest humiliation leave us 7 points clear of safety; not that safety seems an achievable target these days. Certainly not if things stay as is.

We can take solace that Wellington is back, for all the good it did us and that we had a terrific set of fans (1800-ish) supporting the 12 failures on the pitch and touchline. Everyone who went deserves commending for being the only good representatives of this club.

Many found themselves at the end of the rout calling for Lennon to go and I have reached that conclusion myself. The team is bad but not as bad as this season or this game suggests. That is a different article which you will hopefully all read in the coming days. I shall leave this nice and short this week as the urge to just write swear words and mash the keyboard with my fist is growing. Enjoy the holidays!