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Dean Moxey Leads Bolton Wanderers Fire Sale

Any offers considered for any product....

See ya Deano
See ya Deano
Clint Hughes/Getty Images

With Bolton Wanderers staring relegation in the face after a 4-0 battering by Rotherham United, the club is throwing in the towel by flogging off any players who've dared to play slightly well at any price.

Rumours circulated ahead of the Rotherham game that Mark Davies' absence meant he would be getting a transfer, and news today - in a highly reputable national newspaper - suggests that Dean Moxey could be the next on the move by switching to the Wanderers of Wolverhampton. For free. Brilliant.

Saturday's humiliation, while probably wholly predictable, was Bolton's lowest point in decades, and the lowest of lows in a dreadful season that just seems to find terrible new stories to further depress us.

Given the financial state we find ourselves in it seems only natural that the next negative will be losing our better players. Moxey may not be Bolton fans' most loved player but he has actually been alright this season, especially compared to how terrible he was last season. He made a poor error for Charlton's second goal two weeks ago and doesn't always look the safest defensively, but it'd be a blow to lose him on a free transfer. On the plus side, we do still have Jose Manuel Casado to replace him, but the jury is still out on the Spaniard defensively.

More worrying is the likelihood that we may lose Davies, who has just begun to show flashes of what we know he can do, and the likes of Josh Vela and Zach Clough for hugely reduced fees. That would leave us with Darren Pratley - the world's worst and least passionate captain, who has zero goals or assists all season - 'controlling' the midfield, and the carthorses Gary Madine, Emile Heskey and Shola Ameobi up front.

Relegation is already looking like an inevitability and the club is clearly already planning for League One by shedding resources wherever possible.

Why can't someone, anyone, just sign Dorian Dervite from us?!