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Player Ratings: Rotherham United 4-0 Bolton Wanderers

Lets just get this over with

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Well that, that was fucking appalling. An embarrassment. A disgrace. The worst performance I have ever seen from Bolton Wanderers in my time supporting them, While I personally didn't agree with the chanting of "you're not fit to wear the shirt", I can not blame any of those who did and I certainly agree with the sentiment. Out of the thirteen players who were on the pitch on Boxing Day I'd perhaps like to see, at a push, five play for us again - not like that's of any concern, as no doubt everyone will be gone by the time January comes to an end.

Since I have to give a bit more detail than "everyone was shit", here are the player ratings from a game in which every touch seemed to take a player backwards, two passes couldn't be strung together, the ball constantly being kicked into the air with little direction, no fight, passion, effort, quality or care.

It won't be pretty. So if you're a Bolton Wanderers player reading this, and there definitely will be some, you should probably stop now.

Ben Amos - 3

I still believe Amos is coming in for some unfair criticism as he saves a lot more than he lets in, but his mistakes are always so pivotal that it makes him look worse. He made two fantastic saves in the game, especially the one in the first half which delayed the opening of the flood gates. But he simply can't be allowing pot shots to go through his hands. Could probably have done better on a couple of other goals too.

Rob Holding - 2

After a really impressive run of games, Holding was unfortunately on the end of a pasting from Rotherham's left sided players. They were constantly targeting him with overlapping runs and passing triangles and with little support from Feeney he was left exposed and vulnerable. It does't help that his positioning was all over the place but, as I always say, I don't blame a player for that if they're a centre back playing right back,

Dorian Dervite - minus a fucking million

What can I say that I already haven't ranted about in both voice and the written word a thousand times already? He's atrocious, I've never seen a player less adept at standing in a straight fucking line with three other defenders. To be fair, he actually made a couple of crucial clearing headers, but they're kind of forgotten amongst the deluge of shit that came with it. How Lennon changed the fucking defence again after our best performance of the season is absolutely beyond me, Prince may have his errors but he is a million times the defender Dervite ever will be. Just another reason why we should have binned him off.

David Wheater - 4

Was once again our best player and was the only player wearing black on the pitch that actually resembled a footballer. However, even he made a mistake when he wasn't able to clear the ball for the third goal but, again, he was only put in that position because of the ineptitude of Dervite. Wheater is one of the few players I will miss once the exodus is complete.

Dean Moxey - 3

Got forward well once Wellington was introduced and the inexplicably bad Pratley was moved into the middle, but he seems to have reverted back to his old self when it comes to defending. Constantly switching off and being beaten. He was one of the few, and the first, to have the bollocks enough to come other and clap the away support though - so for that I thank him.

Liam Feeney - 2

It was a Liam Feeney performance. You know what that means.

Jay Spearing - 3

Admittedly, everything did fall apart once Spearing was removed from the pitch, so maybe he did do more than it appears, but it really didn't appear that he did much of anything at all. Dominated by a taller, stronger, better pair of midfielders.

Neil Danns - 1.5

Seemed to be the only player on the pitch who was still giving it 100% until the end. However, his effort didn't lead to one good thing of note in the slightest. Read the comment from Moon Pig below for the gist.

Darren Pratley - 1

He's well and truly back. The old Darren Pratley, in all his glory. Lazy, slow, bad in possession and fucking stupid off it. Spent the 90 minutes either falling over his own feet or kicking opposition players off theirs - if you're not gonna try at least do something entertaining and proper go through someone eh, Dazza Prazza? What a mistake giving him the arm band was.

Zach Clough - 3

He tried, bless him. He, like Danns, was running until the end and at least trying to win the ball back and do something with it, but I do feel his head dropped more than anyones once the fans turned - and he can hardly be blamed, he's just a kid. Saying that, I also don't blame him or Holding for going straight down the tunnel, there's no fucking chance I'd walk up 2000 screaming nob heads either at this tender age. Anyway, he really should have buried that chance in the first half - who knows what would have happened if he did.

Emile Heskey - 1

Why? Why did he play? Why was Madine dropped after his best perfjoamcne for the club? Cos Lennon is an idiot, that's why. Heskey's an auld fella, he FUCKING CAN'T be starting games. We saw what happens when he does. Twice. He ran once in the first half to win the ball back, which he admirably did, but then collapsed to the ground like a tranquillised elephant. Then third seconds into the second half he was off injured. Lennon is an absolute joke. Heskey did do well to set up Clough's chance, but did nothing else.


Gary Madine - 4

His impact got us going a bit in the second half and he gave the Rotherham defence a bit of something to think about, but they did handle him quite well. Regardless, it was pleasing (I think) to see that Madine played alright. Man, I'm clutching at happiness straws here.

Wellington Silva - 3

The only player who ever really looked dangerous for us, aside from Clough's one chance, and he looks sharp after injury. Hopefully he'll start tomorrow.