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Bolton Wanderers 1-0 Blackburn Rovers: Five Things

Wanderers roar back with a resounding win

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

So Bolton Wanderers emerged from their self-imposed four year wait for a win with a hard working and passionate performance - one in the eye for the doubters, perhaps. Blackburn Rovers were poor, but that doesn't take away from how good our lads played.

So without any further ado let's see what we might have taken from the win:

1) Neil Lennon Took a Back Seat

Barely emerging from his dugout other than in the final, fraught 10 minutes, Wanderers boss Neil Lennon wisely took a back seat and allowed his players to do the talking.

This was a wise decision given his own personal troubles this past fortnight, but it was a small gesture that said a lot.

He is under pressure, and remains so, but his choice to allow assistants Steve Walford and Garry Parker to pass on the team instructions instead of him was sensible.

His decision making lately has been problematic, and reactive, but against Blackburn his team selection was on point. Dropping Dorian Dervite was a no-brainer, but bringing Mark Davies and Josh Vela back in was the right thing to do.

Let's hope we can keep the run going on Saturday at home to Huddersfield Town.

2) Josh Vela's Best Game for the Club

There has been talk this week of Josh Vela moving to Cardiff City for £450,000 when the transfer deadline opens in the coming days.

Some people - me included - thought that this might represent a decent deal for someone who had struggled to establish himself either at right back or in midfield.

Then he goes and does something like this.

He set the tone in the first minute with a snappy tackle and crisp pass - and kept up the standard throughout. This was, by miles, Vela's best game since breaking into the first team in 2012.

He might well leave the club, but on this display he deserves better than Cardiff City.

3) Liam Feeney Continues to Frustrate

In recent weeks Feeney has been supporting the arguments of all those calling for his removal from the Wanderers side - and today was no exception.

He had the beating of his defender in the first half, but in the second withdrew and was barely involved.

I can well understand those who think that assist stats (horse shit) matter, and so think that Feeney is an important player for the Whites - however I can better understand those normal people - like myself - who think that he's taking up a valuable spot in the team.

He needs a break, and so do we.

4) The Mark Davies Conundrum

Mark Davies on the left - one of the biggest wastes in modern human history.

We all know that he can, on his day, be one of the best players in the league - but he's doing jack all whilst shunted out to the left wing.

With Darren Pratley playing so poorly in the centre, surely it was high time to drop the captain and bring Davies into the centre - perhaps with on-loan Arsenal man Wellington Silva being brought back into the side.

Neil Lennon instead chose to leave Davies in the team and we were rewarded by a poor performance and another underwhelming 90 minutes from the ex-Wolves man.

Oh and the less said about the latest shameless Davies dive the better. Needs to improve quickly.

5) Squad Depth is Still a Problem

With Rob Holding seemingly making the right back slot his own, Wanderers have plenty of choice in their ranks - but I think that quality is still a real problem.

If Ben Amos drops out with injury - we've got Paul Rachubka.

If Holding is injured then we have Lawrie Wilson - no thanks.

Ditto for centre half and left back - does anyone want to see Derik Osede and Jose Casado? Not me.

Midfield is weak, with Neil Danns and Jay Spearing providing inconsistent back-up.

Oh and the less said about the strikers the better. Shola Ameobi and Emile Heskey? Don't think so.

The trouble is that Neil Lennon's Bolton Wanderers doesn't have a pot to piss in, and as such we cannot afford to have any sort of quality in reserve - but that's going to call back and bite us in the arse at some point - if it hasn't done already.

I appreciate the daftness in imploring a penniless team to go out and spend what little we have on reserve players, but I think that we are causing a problem for ourselves and being caught in a perpetual cycle in that when our better players drop out we have nothing - no-one - to call upon in reserve.

It's a concern, and one that is probably unlikely to be resolved any time soon.

But hey, we won, so let's focus on that.