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Bolton Wanderers Fans: A Call to Arms

It's time to unite for the common good

I don't mind admitting that in my youth I was a bit of a knob on the internet.

I enjoyed riling people and generally being immature. I've said some daft things about Bolton Wanderers fans and Bolton Wanderers fan sites too

For that I'm completely sorry and offer a heartfelt apology to anyone I've wronged.

This is all going somewhere I promise.

This tweet:

from our brothers at the most excellent BWFC Forum has made me realise that this great club of ours is so lucky to have fans who care so much.

So it's time that we put aside any petty squabbles and unite for the common good. Our club is in dire peril and our positive action can go a long way towards helping things

Buy a ticket. Buy some merchandise. Attend the game. Listen on the radio. Tweet your support. Like a BWFC status - just so SOMETHING to show the world that we might not have a pot to piss in, but that our spirit remains strong and remains true.

We're Bolton Wanderers. All of us. It's time to show it.