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Wanderers Fans Come Together in Attempt to #FillTheMacron

Divided we stand, together we fall.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

To call this a week of hardship for every single person involved with Bolton Wanderers would be under selling it quite a bit.

After the excitement of a takeover finally potentially happening and the ecstasy of it being confirmed that Eddie Davies will wipe all the debt owed to him by the club, this week has done nothing but rain down blow after blow as we stagger to our knees.

It feels as if that every night at around 10PM the latest bit of heart breaking news would break, players not being paid, deals not being good enough and the most startling of all being that Wanderers may well be on the brink of administration. Which would put us on exactly zero points looking straight down the barrel.

However, there has been one excuse to smile at our club this week, and that is all to do with Bolton Wanderers fans from all over the world to band together in order to support and help the club we all love.

The #FillTheMacron campaign was started on Twitter, and although I think we all accept that our attendance is very unlikely to double in less than a week, it does show that there is fight left with in us, that we are all willing to come together as one to try and save our club and, most importantly, that there may just be an atmosphere at the game against Cardiff City on Saturday that will make the players proud to play for a club they aren't being paid by.

Along with the hashtag we saw brilliant gestures from fans from all over the world who, despite not being able to get to the game in the slightest, still bought a ticket to the game to show they care. To put a bit of money in the club's pocket and to donate the ticket to someone else who could attend.

They are truly selfless gestures that almost makes one well up a little. Here are just a few:

Great gestures from all, I'm sure you agree. People just doing their bit to support our club in its time of need.

The club themselves have helped facilitate the campaign by making it easier to swap and upgrade tickets, details of which can be found here.

We've even been getting support from fans of our biggest rivals:

If you feel you made or have seen a gesture that hasn't been put up here, then please comment below and I will hastily add it.

LoVS' very own Jonny Eckersley was interviewed on the whole thing by The Bolton News, and you can read that here.

Our club may well be dying in front of our very eyes, but one thing that never will is our fight and our spirit. I'm proud to be a Bolton Wanderers fan.