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Bolton Wanderers' High Earners Should do the Honourable Thing

Jamie has had an idea that Bolton's high earners won't like, but he doesn't care.

David Wheater is said to be amoungst the highest earners at the club.
David Wheater is said to be amoungst the highest earners at the club.
Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

So what is this brilliant idea and the honourable thing I hear all five of you who bothered clicking on this ask. Simple tear up their contracts.

I can already hear people saying what a stupid idea that is, how it won't help and how it would secure certain relegation. I can also see people smirking thinking how funny it is that I would think this could ever come to pass in football.

It hasn't happened in a while, to my knowledge, but this is not an idea without precedent in the form of Bristol City and the so called Ashton Gate Eight.

In the 1980s Bristol City were on the brink. Having suffered relegation from the top flight with some of the highest earners in English football at the time tied down on long term contracts they were hurtling towards oblivion. That is what led them to ask those players to tear up those contracts, and that is exactly what they did.

In doing so they saved the club. The Bristol City we know today would have disappeared if not for that. And the city of Bristol may have to deal with the embarrassment of Bristol Rovers being their biggest and best team. That really would be horrible...

When interviewed a few years ago one of the eight was asked if it was a hard decision to make with a family to think about. He replied no, the club had to be saved thats what mattered.

Now I know footballers are a different kettle of fish than they were in the 1980s and as such a proposal like this would be laughed at. But should it be?

The players in question would become legends, no doubt about that. Not only that but if Bolton Wanderers go under their contracts will disappear anyway. This way they control it, they get out ahead of the game and they might just save the club from oblivion.

Not only that but many of the high earners would not struggle to find a new club. Your Ban Amos', David Wheaters' and Mark Davies' would find a new home. Sure maybe they wouldn't match what Bolton are paying them, but as established Bolton may not be around for much longer to pay them anyway so thats no problem.

Lets not stop at the highest earners. Players who are on the fringes should also walk away to save money. Your Emile Heskeys' who never start and can be replaced on the bench by a cheaper player in the form of Kaiyne Woolery or Jamie Thomas. Or hey even your Stephen Dobbies' and Dorian Dervites' who must know in their heart of hearts that they are so bad they don't actually help anyway.

As for whether it would help the club survive financially who knows. Maybe it would be too little too late. Maybe we would still disappear in the coming weeks or months but at least it would help give the club a fighting chance of survival.

As for certain relegation. Yes it would lead to that no doubt about it. It may even weaken the playing staff so badly with a lack of funds to reinforce once we are in League One maybe we would struggle to even stay there.

But administration which seems to be just days away at the most will also relegate us via the 12 point deduction. Also if Bolton ceases to exist that is effectively a relegation right down to the bottom of the footballing pyramid, and personally I would rather League One or worse football than that.

I have no problem saying I would rather watch the development squad get thrashed against Rotherham than see Bolton disappear and start again. Players wages are a huge part of the clubs expenditure, so lets get them to leave so the club stops haemorrhaging money and has a fighting chance of living to lose another game.