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Is Now the Time for a Bolton Wanderers Supporters Trust?

Guest writer Christopher Peacock believes so

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Every day we are waiting on news on what is going to happen to our football club. Waiting on edge for the latest update from the club, sharing gossip from people who claim to be ‘in the know' and commenting on twitter and facebook at scraps of information.

Ultimately, we as supporters are going to have no say in the future outcome of who will buy Bolton Wanderers Football Club. Despite the nature of a football supporter, we are customers purchasing a product - despite the emotional and financial attachment we hold for our club - and we will have to wait and see what happens next.

But should we? Should we sit back and just wait for whatever to happen?

Maybe now is the time that we as supporters come together and create a supporters trust which we can use to voice our concerns and press for influence over the future of our club.

A number of other clubs have been in this position and supporters have acted together to promote their own interests. Even clubs not in this precarious position have seen supporters form trusts to represent their views and now there are 203 Supporters' Trusts across the UK and Europe with over 676,271 members.

So what is a Supporters' Trust?
A supporters' trust is a formal, democratic and not-for-profit organisation of fans who attempt to strengthen the influence of supporters over the running of the club they support. The main objective of a supporters' trust is to provide a vehicle for fans to influence the running of their club.

So if we set up a Trust we will have a say?
No. But we will be in a position of authority to speak in one voice as supporters to try to influence any new owner. Whoever it maybe.

What about the BWSA?
The Supporters' Association is a completely different entity to a Trust and the two should not been seen as rivals but complimentary to one another.

What is the point if we can't do anything?
I'm sure that is what a lot of supporters have said at other clubs, but now a number of trusts have influential positions within their club from full ownership to representation on the board.

So are you saying we should own and run the club ourselves?
No. I don't think anyone is naive enough to think we as supporters can put in our own bid to buy the club, unless some wins the Euromillions!

What a trust will allow us to do is have a legitimate voice when it comes to raising concerns about our club. Despite the way that football is now driven by vasts amounts of money, we the supporters will remain.

Surely it is time we had the opportunity to have our say?