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Dougie Appointed: Run Forest Run!

Unlucky Forest.

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

After the most inevitable sacking of a manager in recent history, with Stuart Pearce finally being kicked out of Nottingham Forest after countless of hilariously bad results, a new manager was needed at the City Ground.

Who'd be brave enough to step in and try and take a team in complete  disarray back up the table? Which man would show the guile, guts and quality which is so sought after in this division? Just who would Nottingham Forest, a club with a massive budget compared to the rest of the Championship, call upon to steer their quickly sinking ship around?

Well you lucky Forest fans, you're glorious leaders have only gone and picked the most prestigious, up-and-coming manager in British football today. He's clever, he's tactically astute, he NEVER makes excuses, he's never afraid to throw in the youth, and above all, he DEFINITELY won't be signing Owen Garvan.

It's no other than Dougie Freedman.

*Insert your uncontrollable laughter right here*

So yes everyone, we'll be seeing Freedman and his wonderfully glossy hair galavanting along the touch line in no time at all (that's more than Lennie Lawrence tbf) and I'm sure your all excited to hear that #DougieBingo will be making a much welcomed return.

The impact of the former Bolton Wanderers bosses time at the club is still being discussed by a few former youth team members:


The question remains, however, just how on Earth has ol' Dougie managed to squirm his way back into English football, so soon after such an abysmal spell at Bolton? Whatever the answer, it sure will be amusing to see him working under a transfer embargo at Forest. Oh, and remember when he criticised Forest's spending earlier in the season? I wonder if he'll still feel as aggrieved once said embargo is lifted.

If any Forest fans have wandered onto here seeking some actual knowledge about Freedman, you can read my comprehensive report on his time at Bolton by clicking right here.