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Bolton Wanderers Striker Comes to the Rescue for Elderly Couple

Bolton Wanderers striker Craig Davies came to the rescue last month as he and 2 other good samaritans helped an elderly couple who had become stranded on Chorley New Road in Bolton.

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

The act of kindness occurred on Monday 12th January. However, Craig Davies' good deed has only just come to light. The Bolton Wanderers striker and 2 others came to the rescue after pensioners Brian and Jennifer Armitage were left stranded on one of Bolton's busiest roads.

The pensioners came into trouble when their hire would not restart again just before the traffic lights near Beaumont Road. The elderly couple came into danger when the lights turned green and their vehicle remained stationary amongst the traffic.

The 29-year-old spotted the motionless vehicle and stopped to aid the distressed husband and wife stranded in the middle of the road. With the help of two other good samaritans they managed to push the hire car into a lay-by where Davies offered further assistance.

The former Barnsley striker drove to a nearby garage and purchased a can of petrol for the pensioners. After helping the couple safely refill their car he declined an offer of payment, and checked that the car was working again before driving off.

The couple were so impressed by Davies's good deed they wrote to him and Bolton manager Neil Lennon. Quoted from the Manchester News this is what lifelong Bolton Wanderers supporter and proud season ticket holder Brian Armitage had to say,

"We got Craig a box of chocolates for his troubles. We were taking them and the letters to the club when we happened to see him in Tescos. He recognised us both straight away and we recognised him. Craig was absolutely brilliant and a really pleasant chap.

"It just shows that not all footballers are money grabbers and that they do possess humanity."

Bolton boss Neil Lennon also added:

"It is a great story and a fantastic gesture by Craig. It puts him and the club in a very good light. He is well trained!"

Neil Lennon has hinted that Davies will return to the Wanderers' squad this weekend after having spent a spell on the sidelines through injury. In his pre-match interview for this weekend's fixture against Nottingham Forest Lennon said to the club's official website,

"Emile and Craig are back on the training ground doing physical work now.

"Saturday was too soon but we hope the Forest game will be okay.''

You can read below Mr and Mrs Armitage's grateful letter to the club asking them to thank Davies for his selfless deed.