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Bolton 2 Wolves 2: Player Ratings

My thoughts on our men in White as they were cruelly denied

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Your Bolton Wanderers ratings:

Andy Lonergan - 5

Unfortunately he only really had two things to do in the game and both ended up with him picking the ball out of his net. Not seen the highlights but on my first and only viewing he was slow to react after it became obvious Dicko had done Dervite (or double D - his new nickname!) for pace.

Maybe the 2nd was unsaveable but you'd still hope a shot stopper of his calibre might get to that, like he did with the save from Dielna up at Hillsborough recently.

Josh Vela - 7

Was involved in the build up to the second goal and just always seems to pick the right option.

Van La Parra is a tricky customer and he did get the better of our Josh a couple of times in the 2nd half if memory serves me correctly but a solid show overall once again.

Need him in centre mid long term we all know that but we can't have old man McNaughton offering no attacking threat there instead, so unless we sign a decent, pacy right back tomorrow, Vela will have to stay there. But that's no bad thing.

Dorian Dervite - 5

Another poor game from our usually reliable Frenchman. He was outstripped for pace for Wolves' opener which he maybe couldn't of done a lot about but was just off colour in general. May make way for Mills v Liverpool and possibly needs a break.

David Wheater - 8

I thought Big Dave did very well against the pace of their frontmen and obviously stuck his Redcar Rock forehead on everything that came his way. I like Wheats, once he gets a run of games he steps it up and I'm glad we've got him here still and he hasn't buggered off back to Boro'.

Tim Ream - 8

I actually thought he had a great game. His defensive work was back to it's best, he set up Cloughy's goal with some determined wing play and he forged an unlikely attacking partnership with Dean Moxey in the 2nd half that left me purring like a cat after being offered an unexpected piece of salmon. Not sure about that analogy but I'm rolling with it.

Just hurry up a bit on those throw-ins Tim, can feel myself ageing while I'm waiting for him to release the damn ball...

Neil Danns - 6

He worries me at the moment, messing around with the ball and looking like he wants to lose it at times with the risks he takes.

If it comes off it looks lovely and frees up space for those further forward but if it doesn't we're up shit creek without a paddle and I don't like shit creek very much.

Still did okay in general and covered well at times for Dervite's (sorry, double D's) dozy performance.

Liam Trotter - 7

You know what, I thought he did okay. The issue for me is that he seems to saunter through games with his languid style but he isn't Berbatov so he can't get away with it because he isn't a brilliant genius. He's Liam Trotter.

Having said that he put in some good challenges and had one rasping drive pushed away by Ikeme during what Lennon called our 'amazing' spell in the first half. Just look as if you're really trying though if you don't mind, old son!

Liam Feeney - 7

He's not huge on tricks but the 'head down and run, then wrap that foot around it and swing it in' approach worked fine really. I'm not in agreement with those who say he can't cross and he put in some decent balls but without Craig or Emile they were wasted somewhat.

Put in a great amount of work including one chase back and retrieval of the ball that rightly drew a standing ovation from the crowd.

Zach Clough - 9

Don't need to say too much here.

Seriously think that the big, and I mean big, clubs will be sniffing already round this one soon.

Such confidence and poise. Great balance, vision, awareness. The list goes on. Was being hacked by Wolves' more industrial players and had run his race by seventy minutes but what a 70 minutes!

Now scored 3 in his first two professional starts...just wow! Liverpool beware!!

Darren Pratley - 7.5

Don't like giving .5's but he didn't do quite enough for an 8, then he selfishly pulled his hamstring which threw us off kilter. Selfish git.

Usual comments on him i.e. work rate and commitment to the cause but he showed some nifty footwork at times too. Not a left winger/left midfielder but has played there with admirable conviction and aptitude.

Will be a big miss in February.

Adam Le Fondre - 7

Ran himself into the ground and fashioned a good chance on the half turn with a volley in the 2nd half. Will be a good 'un for us but may work better in a pair with Heskey or Davies. Stronger than he looks too.

Solid debut.


Dean Moxey - 8

Was fantastic when he came on. Looks revitalised since his redemption against Liverpool and even offered a surprise attacking threat, he did come on at left wing I suppose which must of been a kick in the teeth for Hall at the time.

Much, much better from him and can't remember him putting a foot wrong.

Rob Hall - 6

Some said his game management could've been better when in the corner at the end but he did what he could.
Not strong enough still but feel that if anyone can eventually get the best out of him, Lennon's the man. There's something there, we just don't know what yet.

I'd start him against Liverpool as the pressure is off to some extent.