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Blog: Undisclosed Transfer Fees are Insulting to Fans

Big time

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

In the light of Bolton Wanderers announcing that Chung Yong Lee Chung Yong has finally completed his move to Crystal Palace for an 'undisclosed fee', it got me thinking that refusing to disclose transfer fees is an insult to us fans.

We all like to speculate about how much a player costs - but for the club to keep it as some sort of secret is just wrong. It's not only wrong, it's downright insulting.

Why should the club NOT disclose what they have received for a player? Are they embarrassed? What's the big secret, Bolton Wanderers?

With Chungy for example, we know it's a pittance, so where's the harm in releasing the figure? We supporters have invested not only our money, but our lives into this football club. Do we not deserve to know something as significant as how much the club has earned from an outgoing transfer?

Is it the Chief Exec, or the Chairman not wanting us to know how good/bad they are at the negotiating table?

It's a load of rubbish, and it's a practice that needs to stop.