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Immediate Reaction: Nottingham Forest 4-1 Bolton Wanderers

The instant take from a very bad afternoon for Bolton Wanderers.

Michael Steele/Getty Images

As tends to be the case whenever I write the immediate reaction, I can't give my actual reaction as it contains far too much screaming and language of a taboo nature to feature on a site of such prestige.

But man, that was fucking depressing.

I could go on a rant about how dreadful our away form is, considering that's the third away game in succession in which we've conceded four goals and lost. I could rant about our incredibly porous defence, which has now conceded a grand total of nineteen goals in our last six league games. I could rant about how Neil Lennon can't keep things simple and play players in their actual positions, instead of playing a left footed player a right back. I could rant about our captain, who foolishly got himself sent off and immediately ended our chances of getting back into the game.

I could rant about the majority of our players, who were too spineless to make a good fight of the game, at the atrocious referee who saw two players leave the pitch with serious injuries under his supervision and gave some incredibly stupid decisions, the fact that we have now been sucked right back into a relegation battle and so, so much more.

But it's not really important.

When Andy Lonergan was adjudged by the utter shithouse of the referee that he'd fouled Dexter Blackstock, he was actually knocked unconscious and didn't move a muscle when he was loaded onto a stretcher and carried off the pitch. RUMOURS are now circulating that Lonergan has been rushed to hospital with a suspected broken neck. This is absolutely horrendous news, which I can only hope is not true and we wish Andy all the best and hope that he's okay.

Tim Ream also left the field on a stretcher, adding yet another name to our neverending injury list. Whilst defending a set piece, Ream's knee seemed to collide with the post and he also appeared to be suffering with a concussion of some kind whilst he laid in a heap in the goal. We also wish Tim the speediest of recoveries and hope it isn't serious.

So a fairly shit afternoon in which Bolton were well and truly torn apart by Dougie Freedman's resurgent Nottingham Forest, but that was left pretty much irrelevant as Bolton suffered two serious injuries to two key players.

We did get to see Heskey play in centre back though, so every cloud.