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We're Planning a Podcast!

And we'd like your help.

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Hello there beloved readers, who continue to read the often insane ramblings of a bunch of highly obnoxious, but surprisingly handsome, group of people who ALWAYS think they're right, we're planning on taking Lion of Vienna Suite to the next level by starting a brand new Bolton Wanderers podcast.

This way you can finally put a voice to the opinions you've been arguing with for the past three and a half years or so now.

However, this is all very much uncharted territory to us, so we come to you on our knees asking for help.

If you wouldn't mind spending just a few minutes to complete a short survey in regards to said podcast, so we can get a better grasp on the type of stuff you would like to hear, then you'd be doing us a great service.

And if you'd like to take it even further, please just share this survey with every Bolton supporter you know. Spread the word of the ever growing power that is LoVS, scream it from the roof tops for the whole world to hear!

We want to hear as many opinions as possible so we can create the best product for you!

Just click here to fill in the survey for us!

We thank you for taking the time to do this and your continued support and readership. Cheers x