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Five Things: Bolton Wanderers 1 v 2 Liverpool

Wanderers may have lost, but that certainly didn't feel like a defeat to me

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

It's true. We may well have lost the game and have been knocked out of the FA Cup - but I don't know about you, but that absolutely didn't feel like a defeat.

Let's dive straight in:

1) How Poor Are Liverpool?


For such an expensively-assembled squad counting full internationals in their ranks, Liverpool really did suck. They were outfought by a very average Bolton Wanderers side - and only progressed with the help of two late goals as Wanderers fitness woes took their toll.

Adam Lallana, Mamadou Sakho, Lazar Markovic, Martin Skrtel and Alberto Moreno - best part of £100m of footballer - none of who would get in this Bolton Wanderers side. I don't like Brendan Rodgers either. There's something about that face. I don't trust him. He looks like a used car salesman, and a shady one at that.

The hype surrounding Raheem Sterling appears to be just that, as well. The lad is basically a posh Liam Feeney - all pace and not a great deal of finesse. The rumours linking him to Real Madrid had better just be rumours as on that display he wouldn't last five minutes in La Liga.

2) The 'Famous' Liverpool Fans

Quiet as a mouse for 86 minutes, then spent the final four celebrating as if they had won the Champions League Final. Pathetic.

3) The Championship

Watching that nonsense from Liverpool and referee Roger East makes me glad that we are still in the Championship.

I'd forgotten about the sort of cheating that comes with the Premier League. The play-acting, the gamesmanship and the downright diving was laughable at times.

Referee East spoiled a great game with his fussy and inconsistent decision-making. It wouldn't have surprised me if he'd have joined in with the Liverpool celebrations at the end of the game. I suppose the way football works is that the best stay the best, and it doesn't sit well with people to have teams like Bolton overcoming Liverpool and spoiling the narrative of Steven Gerrard making his final club appearance in this year's FA Cup Final.

4) A Full Reebok Stadium

Makes a big difference.

The atmosphere was superb, with encouragement raining down from the stands for 95 minutes non-stop. The Wanderers fans, unlike their Liverpudlian counterparts, offered support to their heroes and this made a difference from the usual bout of odd bits of clapping and singing here and there.

It was a nice moment harking back to the glory days of Sam Allardyce when we would sell out a few times per season and the atmosphere was always better as a result.

Let's hope that a few who came last night feel compelled to come again, and we can boost the gate and boost the atmosphere in turn.

5) The Battle to Hold on to Neil Lennon

It starts now.

The man is a shining beacon of managerial quality and I feel foolish now looking back to ever have doubted whether he could make the transition from semi-pro football in Scotland to the English leagues.

He has taken what is, objectively speaking, the worst Bolton Wanderers squad (thanks Dougie Freedman) in a generation, yet still managed to take them within a whisker of knocking out one of the best teams in European football.

With sides like Hull City and QPR either changing or looking to change their manager in the coming weeks and months you have to be concerned about whether we can hold onto the former Celtic manager.

He is our greatest asset, and I just hope that he feels the same connection to us and we do to him, and that he's Bolton Wanderers manager for a long time to come.