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Five Things: Bolton Wanderers 1-0 Brighton

It wasn't pretty, but three points is all that mattered

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

That was possibly the worst and most boring first half of football that I've seen at the Reebok in a good while.

Both Bolton Wanderers and Brighton & Hove Albion should be ashamed of their first half performances. The sides were devoid of any creativity and seemingly any purpose. I was glad of the chance to escape and get my half-time hot chocolate.

Anyway, on to the Five Things:

1) Zach Clough is a Bona Fide GENIUS

I think we all realise that Zach is not a flash-in-the-pan sort.

He is a bona fide footballing genius.

That goal, wow. Could anyone else on the field have scored that? Absolutely not. I've mentioned before that the way he caresses the ball into the net is the sign of a truly top-class talent - and again that proved to be the case. His finish was a little scuffed, but it was precise and unerring in its accuracy.

He isn't the finished article yet, and could do with a bit more upper-body strength, but there can be no doubt whatsoever that we have a truly special talent on our hands here.

The sky is the limit for the lad. I just hope that we get to enjoy his ability for as long as possible before he makes the inevitable move to a top, top side.

Oh and next season he MUST wear the no.10 shirt. This is very important to me.

2) The Emile Heskey Conundrum

I will be forever grateful for Mr Heskey arriving at Bolton Wanderers and making an immediate impression, scoring on his home debut against Blackburn Rovers.

However, since then, the Heskey that I have seen has been the Heskey that I feared we had signed.

Lethargic and often a hindrance to our attacking play, the big old lummox is clearly only in the side because of the injury to Craig Davies, but I hope that the former Barnsley man makes his return from injury quickly, because with Heskey as the focal point, our attacks are predictable and one-dimensional. At best.

3) Midfield - Josh Vela's Best Position

The Salford-born midfielder should never again line up at right back.

He's a perfectly adequate right back, but what a massive massive waste it is.

The second half showed just how good the lad can be when played in his correct position. Slightly to the right of Neil Danns' holding midfield role, Vela had the energy to bomb forward and make things happen.

His pass to Clough for the winner was an example of what could happen after taking the ball forward in an adventurous manner.

I hope Neil Lennon took note.

4) Ticket Prices & Attendances

I plan on writing about this later in the week so I'll be brief - the crappy attendances at Bolton Wanderers needs to be addressed by the club.

The atmosphere at the game was 'alright', but with a full Reebok we know that it can be even better. The high ticket prices that the club currently charges is something that is off-putting to some, and impossible to others.

14,000 odd is rubbish. Charlton had all tickets for a fiver and got over 25,000 on. This is easily achievable, if the will is there.

5) The Absolute FAFF in Getting a Half-Time Brew

Shambles. An absolute shambles.

I nipped down to get a half-time hot chocolate, to warm my cockles, and couldn't believe the state of the things. The concessions stands at the ground have always been a bit of a joke, but this is starting to become a real pain in the neck.

The stand I attended ran out of pies and Bovril. How the hell does that happen in this day and age? The farce involved in trying to explain to the lad serving that I wanted a bar of chocolate too bordered on something from a Monty Python sketch:

"I'll have two hot chocolates and a Twix"

"No Twix mate, no Mars bar, just Galaxy"

"Right, well I'll have two please"

"We don't have two. Do you want crisps??

"Yeah go on then"

"Oh wait sorry we've just run out"

"Two hot chocolates then"

That'll be £4.30"

"How much? It says £2 each on that sign"

"Oh yeah - OK then £4"


Absolutely mental.