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The LOVPod: Episode 2 is now available!

Check it out, we can talk!

Is that the LOVPod he's listening to?
Is that the LOVPod he's listening to?
Paul Thomas/Getty Images

It's another visit from your favorite Lion of Vienna Suite writers (and Dennis Chase).  If you enjoyed episode 1 last week, or even if you did't, the lads have gone and done it again.  Give it a listen below:

Check Out Soccer Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Lion of Vienna Suite on BlogTalkRadio

The pod can also be found on  It should soon be available on iTunes, if those tossers at Apple ever get around to posting it.  For all of the technology and automation in the world today, some zombie sitting in a cubicle in Cupertino, California still has to manually post our podcast on iTunes, if you can believe it!

Anyway, lots of interesting stuff this week.  Dan Murphy is back, and he has a few thoughts on the tendency of Bolton Wanderers Football Club to concede very late goals.  Chris Manning also returns for a quick look back at the Millwall FC match and a quick look ahead at the upcoming Ipswich Town encounter.  There is a new voice joining the crew, as Lee Tennant makes his debut and tries to figure out how to fit nine loan players into five squad places every week.  And Dennis?  Well, he knows all the passwords.

We hope you will enjoy.  Leave us a comment below or drop us a line on Twitter and let us know what you think.