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Immediate Reaction: Ipswich Town 1-0 Bolton Wanderers

Another away day, another away loss. Here's Dan's immediate thoughts.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

I'd love to say that I'm devastated about Bolton Wanderers falling to yet another bitterly late away loss, this time at the hands of Ipswich Town, but I can't - because I'm not surprised in the slightest.

On the latest episode of the Lion of Vienna Suite Podcast (which you had better have bloody listened to by now!) I called that we'd lose 1-0, once again, to Ipswich and it was clear as day after Bolton wasted some excellent first half opportunities that we'd end up conceding late on. The one positive being that we conceded a Tabb earlier than the 90th minute this time.

Yes, I'm extremely frustrated that the team have yet to learn from their mistakes and grown capable of seeing an away game out, yes, I'm irked by the fact we played so unexpectedly well in the first half and squandered so many fantastic opportunities. Yes, I'm furious that Craig Davies has once again proved that he's an inept finisher and yes, I'm genuinely gutted for 249 mad, yet wonderful, bastards who made the massively long trip for a Tuesday night game.

But, as I sit here writing this, I don't feel my blood rising to soaring temperatures as it has become accustomed to doing in recent weeks, because it was all so damn predictable.

We never win at Ipswich and I wasn't expecting it to change tonight, so the positive first half performance is a bonus. If we can take that level of creativity to Wigan on Saturday, then we'll blow them away and hopefully further damn them to League One.

There's one player I'd like to talk about specifically and, as you might have guessed, that player is Rochinha. The little creative midfielder has had his opportunities limited to a half-time warm thus far on his loan spell at the club, but Neil Lennon, perhaps out of necessity, finally gave him his chance against Ipswich.

He was fantastic.

At least in the first half any way. Obviously I wasn't at the game, but everyone who was has commented on how impressive the Portuguese u19's international looked. He was nimble and spontaneous on the ball, linked with his fellow team mates brilliantly, and nearly scored one of the best goals ever scored in a white shirt, apparently.

Only Lennon will know why he hasn't given Rochinha a chance in the first team until now, but it's quite clear that he's up to the task and I very much hope to be able to see him with my own two eyes at some point in the near future. Preferably starting with the DW on Saturday.

So whilst Bolton succumbing to yet another disappointing away defeat is really annoying, I'd be hard pressed to say I expected anything more. I just now pray we turn that away form drastically around for our trip back in time on Saturday.