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The Lion of Vienna Suite Podcast 3

It's more Bolton Wanderers talk from the best Lancashire-based blog on the SB Nation network!

Paul Thomas/Getty Images

It's that time of the week again!  The LOVPod is ready of your ears.

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This week you will hear the tinny radio voice of Chris Manning, the self-assured Twitter readings of Lee Tennant, the rude interruptions of Dan Murphy, the goalkeeping expertise of Elliot Turnbull, the grating American accent of Dennis Chase, and the beard-muffled ramblings of Liam O'Meara.

The boys will review last week's matches against Ipswich Town and Wigan Athletic, which will prompt a discussion of Bolton Wanderers inability to defend in stoppage time.  There will also be some talk about the young players that Neil Lennon has brought through this season, most notably Tom Walker, and the young loan players who have made their marks, such as Manchester United's Ben Amos and Benfica's Rochinha.

All that and more folks, just press play!