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BREAKING: BWFC Sell Whites Hotel to Wacky Warehouse Group

Somewhat unbelievable news coming out of the club today

Paul Thomas/Getty Images

Not only has Bolton Wanderers chosen today to release their latest set of accounts, but it also appears that the club has chosen today to bury some other rather unfortunate news: that they have sold the Whites Hotel to the group behind the Wacky Warehouse chain of family restaurants.

In a surprising turn of events, the hotel - which only came into club ownership in the past twelve months - has been sold to the Wacky Warehouse group for the sum of £9.99. It is not yet known whether this amount is significant, but with the WWE Network offering another free month to subscribers it is unlikely that club chairman Phil Gartside is behind the move.

Eddie Davies is believed to be a fan of the Wacky Warehouse concept, with him often being spotted at the one in Preston on Wednesdays taking advantage of their famous 2-for-£10 steak night. We have sources who inform us that once he has cleared his plate to his mum's satisfaction then he's allowed to have a go on the slide.

No word yet on whether Barry Bannan has been offered a job - it is understood that there are height concerns over his eligibility for the ball pond.