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Five Things: Bolton Wanderers 1-1 Charlton Athletic

In his last 'Five Things' of the season, Chris takes a look back at last night's home draw

Bazzle Bazzle
Bazzle Bazzle
Stu Forster/Getty Images

Sigh - that was a strange performance and one that perhaps sums up Bolton Wanderers' stop-start season.

Let's dive right in:

1) Matt Mills - An Utter Utter Utter Utter Disgrace

I have never been a huge fan of Mr Mills. He's a limited central defender, and one who has as many bad games as he does good - but last night he truly excelled himself.

Always the sort of pointy-shouty captain that gets my goat in the first place, he displayed the worst traits of his character in the way that he treated young Tom Walker.

Admittedly Walker was having a poor game, but Mills' reaction the lad was nothing short of disgraceful. Mills punted the ball in the general direction of Walker, and unsurprisingly the ball went out of play - the captain however then proceeded to bawl out the midfielder as if it was his fault that the ball wasn't controlled. Walker would have to have had ten foot long legs to reach the ball. It was shameful.

Thankfully, the larger population of the East Stand Lower put our esteemed captain right, telling him quite rightly to 'fuck the fuck off you useless prick' - as one gentlemen so eloquently put it. He has form for this - remember his isolation and ignoring of Oscar Threlkeld last season? It was bordering on bullying. This has no place at my club.

On that basis alone, I hope Mills isn't at the club next season.

2) Barry Bannan and Mark Davies

Imagine it.

The two best footballers at the club - playing alongside one another. Injury has robbed us of this possibility, on the part of Davies, but last night we saw flashes of what could have been.

Two very similar players, but who compliment one another. Quick flicks, accurate passing and incisive movement which gives the forwards chance to become involved - it's the future.

I don't know if we will see Bannan back at the club next season - I rather suspect we might - but if we do the prospect of him lining up alongside Mark Davies is thrilling.

Our midfield of late has been up there with the poorest in my 25 years following Bolton, but the potential for the Bannan/Davies axis is almost limitless.

3) Two Strikers at Home Please Lenny

I really like Adam Le Fondre and he's been undoubtedly superb for us since joining on loan from Cardiff City but I bet even he would confess to have struggled at times when being asked to play as a sole striker.

The game tonight was similar to that of Blackpool and Norwich City in that the side clearly need there to be an additional force up front. Emile Heskey did that job manfully against Blackpool and Charlton Athletic specifically, and it's something that Lennon should look to make a fixture of.

Taking the game to opponents at home is something that Bolton Wanderers and Neil Lennon should take as an essential element of his job managing this great club. It was so obvious tonight that ALF was unable to do his very best work up front on his own, so obvious that I wouldn't have been surprised if Lennon had made the change after 20 minutes of the first half, Jose Mourinho style.

4) Liam Feeney

Or as he's become known in the East Lower 'Liam Fucking Feeney'.

Has there ever been a more frustrating Bolton Wanderers footballer in living memory? It's not even like he's a divisive figure any longer - I haven't conducted any sort of research into this, but I think I'd be hard pressed to find anyone with a good word to say about the lad.

Even his early-season graft has seemingly disappeared. Where once we saw someone prepared to run himself into the ground for the cause, instead now we're left with someone who really offers very little in terms of general play.

His early-season form has completely evaporated, leaving us only with a shell of a player who is really not serving any purpose whatsoever.

I wrote earlier on in the season how the likes of Neil Danns and Liam Feeney were fortunate that we had such a lack of squad depth, meaning that certain back-up players (no names mentioned) would probably go on to play 35 games (or more) this season.

Squad depth has been a problem for along time, and let's hope that the lack of quality in the squad in general is something that manager Neil Lennon addresses in the summer months.

5) The Crowd at the Reebok Stadium

The official attendance last night was 12,994, which, may I say, is bollocks. If true, which I find hard to believe, then the attendance meant that the stadium was less than 50% full. Or more than 50% empty, depending on your perspective.

I don't blame the stay-aways either. It was a nothing game against nothing opposition, with nothing riding on it. Would you bother?

The 'firefly' moment midway through the second half was one of the more notable incidents in the entire game. Fans took to their mobile phones to create this strange firefly flashing effect that I did found not entirely shit.

Could it be that Bolton Wanderers fans have struck upon something truly original, and not pinched from another club? Probably not.