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Five Reasons Why Bolton Wanderers Should Re-Sign Emile Heskey

Chris wants Neil Lennon to give the big man a new deal - and explains his reasons why

Stu Forster/Getty Images

As I sit here tonight on this warm April evening, eating my way through a tub of sweets that the mother-in-law bought for my birthday this past Saturday, watching WWE Network like a boss, I had a moment of reflection.

During #LOVpod 6, I reacted in a defiant manner when my esteemed colleague Dan Murphy asked whether I would consider Bolton Wanderers renewing the contract of Emile Heskey. I said 'no'. Well I actually said 'NO'.

I've since decided I was wrong.

1) The Value of Experience

We have a young squad. We have a manager who seems keen on bringing through younger players. This is a positive sign for the club's future - but at the same time the balance of youth and experience is extremely delicate.

Emile Heskey and Eidur Gudjohnsen both offer an experienced head, one that can aid Bolton going forward. Heskey will be 38 in January, and is not going to be a first-choice player but he is available, willing and able.

2) He's Cheap

Heskey is earning buttons at Bolton, This should thusly free up a few quid for everyone's favourite Stockport-born striker to sign his own permanent deal.

Do not underestimate the value of cheapness.

3) A Budget Craig Davies

Heskey is not a prolific scorer - it has been said thousands of times before.

However, what he does, and what he does well is bring others into the game. He famously performed this role for the England national side over 60 odd times, and most importantly he seems to be reliable.

Craig Davies is able to perform this role, but with his hamstrings seemingly made out of drain cleaners and with his physical fitness being a constant issue then there is even more sense in the school of thought that we should give Mr Heskey a new contract.

4) He Scored Against Blackburn Rovers on His Debut FFS

You bet. That should be reason enough.

5) He Gives Us Options

Impact substitute, starting man, emergency centre-half - Heskey can do it all.

Who else in the side is so versatile? Not many others I tell you. So with this in mind and all of the above reasons taken into consideration there should be little thought in Neil Lennon's mind - we.....he....should re-sign Emile Heskey to a new contract.

What do you think?

Agree? Disagree?

Let us know in the comments box below the line.