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Immediate reaction: AFC Bournemouth 3 vs Bolton Wanderers 0

Dennis tries to control his temper in reaction to an absolutely craptastic performance.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

What a load of rubbish!  Another awful performance from an awful team.  I don't even know who to blame.  Schoolboy defending from a useless back three.  Little technically ability and zero finishing ability from immobile strike force.  No ground covered, no balls won, no pressure created by a midfield that already appears to have gone on summer holidays. And the manager who picked them all, who has presided over a club in relegation form for five of his seven months on the job.

Where to start?  How about with our current predicament?  We are in the bottom half for the table.  We are not moving up more than a spot or two, not moving own more than a spot or two.  Why are we continuing to play the same crappy style and crappy personnel that has won us nothing?  Neil Lennon is obviously coming back next season.  Now is the time to experiment and gather information about the players he has to make decisions on this summer.

Filip Twardzik, Oscar Threlkeld, Quade Taylor, and Kaiyne Woolery are all players we need to evaluate, and it was great that they were involved in the squad, but they should have played from the start.  Along with several others.  I mean really, is there anything more we can learn about Neil Danns or Dorian Dervite?  Any need to see further evidence of what Liam Feeney and Tim Ream can do?  No, there isn't.

We've only got one match left.  For fuck's sake Neil, let the kids play!  At least give us some semblance of hope for next season.  Because what we saw today, and if we're honest, what we've seen for the last few months, has been nothing short of a disaster.