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LOVpod - Episode 8 is Live!

Guess who's back, back again.

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With Lord Manning away basking in the Florida sunshine, Dan takes over hosting responsibilities for the eighth episode of the LOVpod, and you can almost pinpoint the exact moment in which he buckles under the pressure of carrying such a prestigious mantle. He's joined by two lovely chaps in the shape of Lee Tennant and Rob Latham as they discuss a deluge of topics.

Check Out Soccer Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Lion of Vienna Suite on BlogTalkRadio

Check Out Soccer Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Lion of Vienna Suite on BlogTalkRadio

Recording immeditialy after Bolton's embaressing performance against Bournemouth, they get things under way by discussing all the facets of the game: Bolton's no show, the flaws of the 3-5-2, the utter ineptitude of our defending and Bournemouth's chances of Premiear League survivial next season.

Then they move on to talking points such as: Emile Heskey staying at the club next season, Paddy McCarthy's injury, what Neil Lennon needs to do during the summer and how he'll recruit new additions to his squad and the saddening retirement of defender Marc Tierney.

After that, it's all about looking forward for the boys, as they preview our last game of this long and dreary season against Birmingham City and discuss the Twitter question of the week: what are your hopes for next season?

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