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LOV Awards: Vote for your Funniest Moment of the Season

A light hearted moment of reflection, and another opportunity for you to have your say in our end of season awards

Emile Heskey is involved in two of our Funniest Moment of the Season nominations
Emile Heskey is involved in two of our Funniest Moment of the Season nominations
Stu Forster/Getty Images

As Bolton Wanderers fans we've become very much accustomed to seeing the humorous side to our general terribleness. This season has been no different, so now we're giving you, our beloved readers, the opportunity to select your Funniest Moment of the Season.

Here are our nominations for this prestigious award, all you have to do is click on the one that tickled your ribs the most in the poll below.

1) Emile Heskey's debut goal

Emile Heskey signing for Bolton was treated as a joke by the wider football community, not least by our close neighbours in Blackburn - who ironically would be Heskey's first opponents in a Wanderers shirt. So would could be funnier than to see the big man duly wipe the smiles off their faces with a debut goal against Rovers? Heskey combined superbly with fellow old boy Eidur Gudjohnsen to slide in the equaliser at the Macron on Boxing Day.

2) Andy Kellett signing for Manchester United

Transfer Deadline Day is always a highlight of the season from an off-field entertainment / amusing gossip perspective. In recent years the Sky Sports coverage of all the latest wheelings and dealings are increasingly less likely to focus on Bolton Wanderers, but this January we became one of the main talking points with one of the strangest transfer deals we'll ever see. Yellow tie-wearing, overly excitable, ridiculously well connected presenter Jim White calmly dropped the bombshell that 'United were closing in on the signing of Andrew Kellett,' and the Twitter world was awash with Wanderers fans wondering what was going on. When it emerged that in fact it wasn't Sheffield, Ebbsfleet or any other lower league United, but in fact our local minnows Manchester, Wanderers fans were in shock.

I think this tweet from @MattyyyEvans sums up many Wanderers fans' feelings on the transfer:

3) Emile Heskey kicking Darren Pratley in the head

We all know Heskey is not exactly the most graceful player in the world, so imagine our amazement when the big striker attempts an overhead kick. And then imagine the hilarity of him completely missing the ball and instead connecting only with the skull of his teammate Darren Pratley. Poor Darren.

4) Darren Pratley attempting a scorpion kick and landing on his face

Sometimes confidence can breed over-confidence. That was exactly the case when Darren Pratley, high on life with his sudden run of goalscoring form, attempted an outrageous scorpion kick in the FA Cup clash with Wigan, which only succeeded in him ending up flat on his face.

Our own Mark Yasilevsky tweeted this video of the audacious attempt:

While friend of LOVS Marc Iles tweeted this truly epic image of the effort:

5) Wigan Athletic

As bad as our season may have been, at least it hasn't been as bad as Wigan Athletic's. After finding themselves embroiled in a race row after chairman Dave Whelan's inexplicable attempt to offend every race of people in the world, the Pie Boys then went and hired racist (allegedly), sexist (allegedly) and homophobic (allegedly) manager Malky Mackay. The racist chairman soon stepped aside leaving a child in charge of the club, who duly sacked the big Scottish bigot after he failed hilariously - picking up just 19 points from a possible 72. The funniest part of this is seeing the club that won the FA Cup just three years ago will now be playing in League One as of next season. Along with Blackpool.