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Bolton Wanderers 0 v's Birmingham City 1: #BWFC #BCFC Immediate Reaction

Was there a game on today? If so, someone should have told our players...

Clive Rose/Getty Images
That was a thoroughly disjointed, dispirited and disinterested effort from our rag tag bunch and I'm relieved that this season has ended and I don't have to watch this particular team ever again.

There were very few plus points overall, not even the loan duo of Barry Bannan and Adam Le Fondre shone today. Oscar Threlkeld isn't fit enough which is worrying for a 20 year-old lad and Quade Taylor, despite showing some good defensive traits, made two suicidal passes and won very few headers for a guy who is a good 6ft 2 or 3 inches.

Mark Davies had some bright moments as usual and Tim Ream was the usual 7/10 performer he always is. For a player to win the club's player of the year two years running for simply showing up every game and performing slightly above average tells you all you need to know about the way the last two seasons have panned out.

If we are going to pin our hopes on Emile Heskey the one-goal-a-season striker than we may as well start planning for League One in 2016-17.

Tom Walker looked energetic on his appearance from the bench but we created next to nothing and at one point Birmingham were just passing it round us for fun with 'Ole's' sounding from the impressive Birmingham following as our players reluctantly chased shadows like it was the Dog and Duck versus Barcelona.
Birmingham have very ordinary players truth be told and didn't threaten too often but they had heart and a will to win that seemed missing in our players.

I can't really state any individuals that obviously don't care but as a team we looked devoid of confidence, creativity and coherence.
The sooner we clear the decks the better as there is more chance of us being relegated next season than pushing for the play-offs.

A 26 point gap isn't suddenly closed without some major reconstruction and a change in the mentality of the players and perhaps our esteemed manager, who so far has escaped any real criticism.

How we do this without any substantial funds is a mystery but we need to bring in a certain type of player to toughen us up.
There aren't many leaders out there.
Sorry, I'll rephrase that.
There aren't any leaders out there.

The whole team has let the club, Neil Lennon and the fans down with this gutless performance and God knows why anyone would have stayed to clap that shower...I certainly didn't.