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Emile Heskey to Combine Playing with Coaching at Bolton Wanderers

New news, but not surprise news. It's news, basically.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

With a new 12 month contract safely in his Kim Kardashian-sized arse pocket, Bolton Wanderers' own Emile Heskey has been chunnering away about his desire to combine playing with coaching over the next year.

Heskey, who vanquished Blackburn Rovers on a glorious Reebok evening, has been speaking to the BEN, and had the following to say:

'I`m here at Bolton to play but I might as well use the expertise and the people I`ve got around me.

The gaffer has been great and I know Parks (Gary Parker) from playing alongside him and he`s the kind of person who could help me make that next step.

He continued:

Coaching might be something I look into doing somewhere down the line so I`ll use my time next season wisely."

His return of a single goal in 18 appearances may not break any records, the former Liverpool and England man has masses of experiences. If he can pass that on to the likes of Jamie Thomas then I'm all for him staying.

No jokes about him being AN ACTUAL coach, either.