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The Footy Has Finished.....But We Haven't

Chris looks at what the new broom at LOV Towers may seek to bring to you, dear readers

Paul Thomas/Getty Images

The season may have ended a couple of weeks ago, but we can promise you, our lovely readers, that we at Lion of Vienna Suite have no intention of downing tools and having a summer break.

Whilst other blogs may take a holiday, or quieten down, we intend on bringing you the finest BWFC related blogs, news updates, random brainfarts and of course our record-breaking, world-dominating, stylin' and profilin' LOV podcast on a daily basis throughout these barren summer months.

We are going through some changes, with our dear Dennis Chase moving on to pastures new, but rest assured, the new management structure at the LOV Tower penthouse suite (ahem, my good self ably assisted by the team) will strive to keep this wonderful website at the very top of Mount Wanderers.

The collective efforts of the team over the past few years have made this site the finest resource for Bolton Wanderers-based chat, articles and writing. You can be completely sure that this will continue going forward.

So join me, dear readers, as we take this trip together. Never again will you have those long summer days in the office, just wondering what was going on in the BWFC-verse. Keep it real, keep it Lion of Vienna Suite.

It's going to be a helluva ride.