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EXCLUSIVE: Bolton Wanderers Set Zach Clough Fee

Apropos of nowt

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Before you start going crackers about that headline, I would invite you to simmer down.

There is no actual evidence that Bolton Wanderers have settled on a fee for young Zach Clough.

However, I was having a think earlier, and I reckon I already know the level that our great club would be happy to do a deal for the Denton destroyer.

It's £4m.

How do I know this? Let me check the evidence:

£4m for Jason McAteer - sold to Liverpool in 1995

£4m for Sasa Curcic - sold to Aston Villa in 1996

£4m for Nathan Blake - sold to Blackburn Rovers in 1998

£4m for Alan Thompson - sold to Aston Villa in 1998

£4m for Claus Jensen - sold to Charlton Athletic in 2000

£4m for Eidur Gudjohnson - sold to Chelsea in 2000

£4m for Kevin Nolan - sold to Newcastle United in 2009

So there you have it. Another Lion of Vienna Suite exclusive - not technically an exclusive, but exclusive enough I suppose.

Goodbye sweet Zach, we hardly knew ye. Well, we did, but you get my point.

Don't do it Phil. Don't you dare.