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Review of the Season: Left Backs

Chris takes a look back at our esteemed left backs, and reviews their seasons

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Without question one of the most boring positions on the field, the full back role is generally reserved for the players who are not good enough to play anywhere else - this goes for the Dog & Duck all the way to the mighty Bolton Wanderers.

With that negative opening comment in mind, I hope you enjoy my recap of the fortunes of the left backs currently on our books:

* Dean Moxey

The Good - His performances in the second half of the season were encouraging.

The Bad - His performances in the first half of the season were absolutely fucking minging.

The Ugly - Watford away, first game of the season. Easily one of the poorest defensive displays in the history of our great club.

What Does Next Season Hold? - Proved surprisingly versatile, performing well in defence and further forward in the second half of the season. That versatility could save his future at the club.

2014/15 Rating - 6/10

Tim Ream

The Good - Is there a better player in our squad with the ball at his feet? I'm not sure that even a fully-fit Mark Davies could knock Timothy from that particular perch.

The Bad - He still has the upper body strength of a new-born baby.

The Ugly - Norwich City at home when Gary Hooper stole in behind Ream to score - who, quite frankly, the American had no idea the former Celtic striker was there.

What Does Next Season Hold? - More of the same. Our first choice left back, you would think.

2014/15 Rating - 7/10

Andy Kellett

The Good - His continued development and progress towards what we hope is a long a fulfilling career at Bolton Wanderers

The Bad - Selected to start away at Rotherham United, Kellett was hauled off without too much fuss, but his performance was very disappointing given the brief, exciting glimpses shown previously.

The Ugly - His embracing of life at Manchester United was a bit vomit-inducing.

What Does Next Season Hold? - It could go either way. Nobody knows whether Kellett will remain at Bolton or go back to United. Let's hope it's the former. His quickness and versatility would make him an excellent attacking option either from left back, wing back or attacking midfield. His time at United will have undoubtedly improved him as a player.

2014/15 Rating - 7/10

* Filip Twardzik

The Good - His girlfriend is stunning.

The Bad - He appears to be a terrible defender.

The Ugly - Nottingham Forest away - it was his mistake that cost us an early goal, and would spell the end for Twardzik's season as he was left out of the remaining fixtures. A learning curve for the former Celtic man.

What Does Next Season Hold? - The versatile Czech youngster is equally at home in defence or midfield, and as such his versatility should provide options for Neil Lennon. He seems to have an eye for a goal too, which will come in useful.

2014/15 Rating - 5/10