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Why I Don't Begrudge Adam Bogdan His Big Move

They'll be no bad mouthing here.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

As we're all thoroughly aware of by now, not least by the fact that this is the third article I've written about him in as many days, it does appear that our goalkeeper, Adam Bogdan, has opted to turn down Bolton Wanderers' fairly favourable contract offer in order to sign for Premier League giants Liverpool Football Club.

Now, whatever we all may personally think of Merseyside Red, what can not be denied is just how big (well, in stature, not exactly quality) of a club they really are, and it's no wonder a player, especially a Bolton Wanderers player, would find it impossible to turn them down. Most of us sensible souls realise this and don't bemoan Bogdan's choice to leave us for much bigger and better things.

However, some less reasonable Wanderers fans out there are taking the rather cynical viewpoint on the whole ordeal. I've seen a few murmurs here and there of people calling Bogdan greedy, a money grabber who'd rather sit on the bench and pick up a nice pay check than play first team football.

And that, my friends, is absolute bollocks.

I'm 99.9% assured in saying that that isn't what Bogdan is going there for in the slightest. As a professional, as a sportsman, Bogdan would be a fool to turn down such an opportunity, because that then displays a lack of professional ambition. It shows that he's happy where he is, which in purely objective terms, is a lowly Championship club who don't look as if they're going anywhere in any sort of hurry.

Don't mistake me, I would love for nothing more than for Bogdan to be a fool and stay at the Macron Stadium, it would be a massive coup for us and we'd be keeping hold of a goalkeeper who is far too good for us, and far too good for this division.

But alas that won't be happening, and if I take the emotional longing out of the equation, I couldn't be happier for Bogdan.

I don't begrudge his move to Liverpool in the slightest because I'm certain, with all of my being, that he isn't going there to just idly sit on the bench and twiddle his thumbs whilst he awaits the next pay check. He's going to Anfield as a professional, he's going to Anfield to compete, he's going to Anfield backing himself to be good enough to claim the number one shirt for his own, and you know what? I wager he'll have it by the new year.

He's a goalkeeper of fantastic quality and he thoroughly deserves to take this next massive step in his career, and I wish him all the luck in the world - not as if he'll need it.