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Liverpool Fan Makes Adam Bogdan Highlights Reel

It's worth a watch.

Michael Steele/Getty Images

With Bolton Wanderers first choice goalkeeper, Adam Bogdan, all but signed for Liverpool, many a scouser has been desperately searching the internet for any information on the Hungarian that they can get their hands on, at least those who don't immediately resort to bad mouthing the signing.

Those of them with a good taste for factual and honest information hopefully read the series of three article I wrote on Bogdan. Which can be read by clicking herehere and also here.

However, an other very viable way for Liverpool supporters to get some more first hand proof of Bogdan's brillance has emerged, thanks to Liverpool fan @kopuniverse.

He's made this here video which is a highlight reel of some of Bogdan's best moments from his limited appearances last season.

Whilst the video may not exactly be for us Wanderers supports, I thought be worth your time to have a nice teary eyes look back on Bogdan's season, and see just what we'll be missing next season.

Here's hoping Ben Amos can match up to his quality.