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Review of the Season: Defensive Midfielders

As our review of the season just past continues, Chris takes a look at our four hundred defensive midfielders

Michael Regan/Getty Images

So we've worked our way through that imaginary pitch icon, from goalkeepers to defenders through to that most important, most fascinating and - let's face it - most well-stocked position in the Bolton Wanderers universe.

Seeing as there are about four hundred of them, let's crack on:

* Liam Trotter

The Good - I'm struggling to piece anything together. I thought that in the home game against Wigan Athletic in the FA Cup showed a few glimpses of a decent player.

The Bad - He didn't show any glimpses in the other 30 odd games that he played in.

The Ugly - His continued underperforming which is consistently inconsistent.

What Does Next Season Hold? - Another who could go either way. He should be able to dominate midfields with his power and athleticism but instead he looks like he's dragging a fridge on his back through quicksand. A really frustrating player.

2014/15 Rating - 5/10.

* Medo Kamara

The Good - That he was binned off fairly sharpish by Neil Lennon. The player's awful form in 2014 got what it deserved.

The Bad - The mammoth pay that he took from the club, giving nothing back in return.

The Ugly - His general passing game.

What Does Next Season Hold? - A move somewhere else. His time in England is done.

2014/15 Rating - 2/10

* Jay Spearing

The Good - He didn't hang around when he started to stink out the joint.

The Bad - His mid-season jaunt to Ibiza to get tanked up, which in itself isn't a big problem, except for the fact that as team captain he should have considered the consequences of being snapped abroad whilst the team was in a poor position.

The Ugly - His face.

What Does Next Season Hold? - It could go either way. He has the potential to be the sort of captain that we at Bolton absolutely adore - or he has the potential to go back to being Jay Spearing of 2015/16, and that isn't a good thing.

2014/15 Rating - 4/10.

* Neil Danns

The Good - His long range left-footed strike against Brentford.

The Bad - The downturn in form that followed his excellent 2014/15 season.

The Ugly - His moaning at paying customers expressing their opinions via the medium of a website such as this.

What Does Next Season Hold? - It could go either way. Danns has the ability to run our midfield, or be a complete passenger. The choice is his.

2014/15 Rating - 5/10.

* Owen Garvan

The Good - He left.

The Bad - All of it.

The Ugly - His style of play.

What Does Next Season Hold? - Working at McDonald's.

2014/15 Rating - minus 10/10.

* Barry Bannan

The Good - He brought in a range of passing and an enthusiasm rarely seen in our midfield. The on-loan Crystal Palace man was arguably our best midfielder over the course of the season.

The Bad - He was only ever here on loan. No permanence. No long-term planning.

The Ugly - He couldn't score in a brothel. Despite being a footballer. Oh and his Twitter account is really, really irritating.

What Does Next Season Hold? - Back to Bolton, I hope. Otherwise reserve team football and a loan to MK Dons awaits. I hope not. He deserves better.

2014/15 Rating - 8/10.

* Giles Coke

The Good - His debut away against Blackburn Rovers found him to be a tidy player - an interview soon after displayed his keenness to be at the club.

The Bad - His second game was what we expected in the first one.

The Ugly - There's a reason why he has spent the majority of his career in Leagues One and Two.

What Does Next Season Hold? - A free agent, the world is his oyster. I can't see him coming back to Wanderers though.

2014/15 Rating - 5/10

* Simeon Slavchev

The Good - He came into the club on loan and gave us some bullshit story about playing as Wanderers on FIFA. Lying sod. Fair play to him.

The Bad - He went.

The Ugly - He existed.

What Does Next Season Hold? - Who knows, but it won't be related to Bolton Wanderers.

2014/15 Rating - 1/10