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Review of the Season: The Managers

In the final segment of this long-arsed series, Chris looks at the managers and judges their performance

Stu Forster/Getty Images

So we've done the team. So to speak, anyway.

Now it's the turn of the managers. I'm using the plural form because of course not only have we had Neil Lennon in charge for the majority, we've also had one Dougie Freedman.

Let's dive straight in:

* Dougie Freedman (August-October)

The Good - Signing Max Clayton. I was going to say him leaving was the highlight, but that was a bit of a lowlight, if we're being honest. The signing of Clayton - someone who, Dougie said, 'wasn't ready' impressed everyone in his first nine games before being injured and spending the remainder of the season in the injury room.

The Bad - His alienation of young talents including Josh Vela and Zach Clough. Imagine a Bolton Wanderers season without those two....doesn't bear thinking about.

The Ugly - His stupid face. Have you ever seen a man in greater need of a bath?

What Next Season Holds - Getting his P45 in September before rocking up as manager of Brighton.

2014/15 Rating - 3/10.

* Neil Lennon (October onwards)

The Good - His arrival in October saved our season from disaster. Bringing in the likes of Josh Vela and Zach Clough where Sir Douglas refused was a masterstroke.

The Bad - We didn't improve defensively, and that was something that I anticipated happening when he was first appointed.

The Ugly - The gilet. Why Neil, why?

What Next Season Holds - A good start to the season would see us have a platform for a successful season going forward. I pray.

2014/15 Rating - 6/10.

So there you have it - we have reviewed every single player/manager. Agree with our assessment? Let us know below the line and keep your eye out for more quality LOV comment every day until the season returns.