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Transfer Gossip: Lennon to Swoop for his Former Winger?

Another day, another rumour which will clear never happen.

Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Us Bolton Wanderers fans are more than aware by now that any transfer rumour sprouting out of no where these days, unless it's about us signing a player for nothing or on loan, is more than likely complete and utter bull shit.

So imagine my overwhelming feelings of contempt, when I read a new rumour which has sprouted out of no where, even if it is from a more credible, yet still bastardly, source - the Daily Mail.

Yes, this morning they have decided to link us with Celtic winger, James Forrest, whom Neil Lennon gave his debut to five years ago now.

Whilst I have no doubt that Lennon would love his formed player at the club, one who he admires greatly, we just can't afford it. Atop of the article its self, it says: "Forrest would cost Bolton a sizeable seven-figure sum", which we just do not have.

The only way I could potentially see a deal like this happening is if, since Forrest is in the final year of his contract at Park Head, he forces the move through and that some how drives the price down. But again, that seems very unlikely, because why would he do that? And why would Celtic lower the price?

To me, it just seems like an incredibly lazy story to throw together in the absence of any actual news to report on, linking a former manager with a player he gave his debut to is a believable link, if it wasn't for the pesky money.

But, only time will tell if there is indeed anything in it.