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Scottish Minnows React Negatively to Bolton Wanderers Speculation

No need to get your McKeks in a twist lads

Jeff Holmes/Getty Images

Earlier today, Bolton Wanderers and Glasgow Celtic faced off in a mammoth twitter battle, as the mighty Whites took interest, allegedly, in 23 year old Prestwick born James Forrest.

Now, in a display of petulance, Ronny Deila, manager of Celtic, has fired a broadside at the English club - bleating:

"Why go to Bolton? He's at Celtic,"

He continued:

"I haven't heard anything. James is a very important player and we want to keep him here.

What a baby!

Celtic, as you may know, play in the SPL which is like a posher version of the Vanarama Conference. Imagine that same Conference with a team like Wigan in it - that's the sort of competitive level that we're talking about here.

I imagine that Forrest would leap at the chance to rejoin Neil Lennon at a big club, and Celtic's insistence that the player remains at Parkhead is, as Sepp once said, tantamount to footballing slavery.

Let him go, lads, let him go. Can't hold him back any more. Let him go, let him go - (James) turn away and slam the door.

We don't care, what they're going to say - let the (twitter) storm rage on. The cold (shoulder) never bothered me anyway.