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Opinion: The Five Key Men for Bolton in 2015

Easy to say, harder to realise - these five will set the tone for our whole season

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Quite a straightforward premise, but here are my five key men for Bolton Wanderers in the upcoming 2015/16 season, which kicks off in about ten minutes or so.

1) Zach Clough

The Macron Messi, Cloughinho or just plain Our Zach to his Nan, the Denton-born lad has been with the club for yonks, and only made his league debut halfway through last season - but what an impact he made.

Cruelly injured by the butchers of Reading towards the end of March, Clough is the prime candidate to take the no.10 shirt at Bolton and be the hub around which our successes will be built in the coming years......

Or he'll be reet good and Aston Villa will sign him for £2m in January. Both are possible.

2) Ben Amos

The former Manchester United man has the capability to become our goalkeeper for the next decade. We saw a brief glimpse of his talents on loan last season, and we liked what we saw.

The deal hasn't been officially announced as yet, but we all know he's on his way. Amos deserves the no.1 jersey, and we all demand that he fills it with pride and with the ability that he undoubtedly possesses.

3) Neil Danns

A divisive figure both on and off the pitch, former Birmingham City man Danns has shown Bolton fans both sides of the coin since joining from Crystal Palace in 2013.

Capable of great energy across the whole pitch, whilst simultaneously being capable of making fans want to pluck out their own eyeballs in frustration, Danns has it in him to be one of our most important players. Let's hope he can recapture the form of his early days at the club and become the leader that we all expect him to be.

4) Mark Davies

The permatanned permacrock from the Midlands yet again is heading into a new season with a somewhat truncated previous year under his belt. As usual however, is our expectation that anything at all will change. Davies has the ability to be one of the best players in the league - but can we rely on him to play a full season?

Probably not - but it'd be nice.

5) Darren Pratley

Dazzler P, should his mythical new contract come to pass, will represent one of the major forces for Neil Lennon as the lads head into the 2015/16 Cbampionship season.

His energy from midfield will be key to any success that we may experience. We can but hope that his form from Christmas 2014 onwards will be as easy to replicate as we all demand.