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Should He Stay or Should He Go: Adam Bogdan

Tom assesses whether A-Bogz should gamble on himself

Michael Steele/Getty Images

We all know the saying: no news is good news. I don't think anybody told Adam Bogdan this. It's been very quiet on the contract front for all players whom Neil Lennon chose to enter contract negotiations with, but the one that has most Bolton Wanderers fans twitching is the goalkeeper situation.

William Jaaskelainen, son of our greatest ever goalkeeper, is technically our number two goalkeeper as it stands (Ross Fitzsimmons currently our number one). Now, that's a name to live up to.

Not Ross. That'd be a doddle.

This morning, the Twitter King of Rumour and Conjecture (some of it accurate) claimed that Adam Bogdan's contract situation was solved. He'd signed a deal...with Liverpool.

Now, the optimists among us might be taking this news with a pinch of salt, but it must be said that these transfer reports have been accurate in the past. Although I'm still waiting for Nedum Onuoha to turn up at

the Macron - he's signed for Bolton on three deadline days since 2011 so I hear.

I firmly support Lennon's stance on the Bogdan issue - do all you can to keep what is a top class goalkeeper: and if you can't make him stay, find a cheaper alternative. Is he going to oust Simon Mignolet as Liverpool's number one?

Probably not.

However, he will get his chance, and I'd back him to take that opportunity when it presents itself. I wish him all the best if and when the deal happens.

Liverpool is going to be the highlight of his career, and I sincerely hope that he does himself justice on Merseyside.