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Should He Stay or Should He Go: Darren Pratley

Tom turns his Sauron-esque glare on Dazzle Prazzle and ponders his future (or lack of) at BWFC

Paul Thomas/Getty Images

Following on from this lunchtime's Adam Bogdan piece, it's only right that we address the other major rumour circulating this week - that Darren Pratley is in talks with Queens Park Rangers.

Don't do it, Darren. Don't do it. Listeners to the 13th edition of the LoV Podcast will know my feelings towards Dazza Prazza - pure, unadulterated love.

I'm of the belief that Pratley's quality is something

we can replace, but his industry we cannot. Josh Vela will certainly develop into a superior player, and this season may be the opportunity for him to get a decent run in the team in his natural position.

However, there are some games in the Championship where legs will get you through. I'm thinking of the Huddersfield aways and the Wolves at home of this world. Sometimes in this league, its industry rather than quality that gets you over the line.

And when it comes to that, nobody in the midfield comes close to Dazza P. Plus; we've got some great songs on the terraces for him. It's the only time you'll see me singing the tune to a song by Lady Gaga or The Wanted. That'd be equally missed.

Although I'm still trying to get the 12 Days of Darren Pratley to take off in the festive period. Lead balloon.

Leaving for Ipswich I can handle - Mick McCarthy likes honest, industrious players, and it looks like a club that's set to be in the hunt for a play-off place.

QPR on the other hand appear to be a club where careers go to die. They might also be in and around the promotion places, but whether they can do it without overspending to the tune of £69.8m this time remains to be seen.

Cheaters never prosper - unless they bring Bobby Zamora off the bench in a play-off final.

To finish on a positive, I've found the silver lining. The two aforementioned players cost Bolton Wanderers somewhere between £33,000-40,000 a week. Surely replacements can be found at less cost.

What do we think, people? Is it the end of the world as we know it?

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