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Adam Bogdan is Good Enough for Liverpool

Here's why our number one could challenge to be Liverpool's number one.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Friends, it would seem that the inevitable day that we'd all been fearing has finally come to pass, as it looks as if our ginger prince, our sacred wotsit, our beloved Shaggy, our fantastic goalkeeper, Adam Bogdan, is all but set to be joining Liverpool on a free transfer.

No matter how painstakingly obvious Bogdan's eventual departure was, I'm still finding it a little difficult to take. Bogdan is currently Bolton Wanderers' longest serving player. I've watched him grow from an awkward understudy, to a nervous first choice who couldn't keep hold of a ball all too well, then on to a fine goalkeeper who, with some minor blemishes aside, has near on perfected every facet of his game.

We've seen him (and rightly so, in my opinion) usurp the legendary Jussi Jaaskelainen from the number one spot he filled for over a decade. He's now one of, if not thee, best player currently in our squad and should have been a candidate to take the captain's armband for the coming campaign.

Sadly, however, we may have seen him perform in a white (well, orange/green/pink/gold/ect) shirt for the last time, and with him potentially going to work for the increasingly bewildering and idiotic David Brent impersonator, Brendan Rodgers, we may not see him play a meaningful game again for quite a while. Due to the shark look-a-like probably only signing Bogdan to play second fiddle to the largely inconsistent and largely shit Simon Mignolet.

Anyway, as I said and as you may already be able to tell, I'm finding the news of Bogdan's departure rather difficult to contend with. Initially, my feelings consisted more of sadness, regret and worry, as I know I'll never watch Bogdan play for my club again, regret for how badly he was treated by an embarrassing number of supposed Wanderers fans when he was on a bad run of form, and worry as said club now finds its self in need of two new goalkeepers.

But those emotions, thanks to the wonderful morsels of musing apparent knowledge from a fair number of Liverpool fans on the internet, have solidified into a seething rage that's soaring from the pit of my stomach and burning my fingers as I type this.

Some of the reactions from Liverpool fans (when I say Liverpool fans, it's usually the fucking idiots on Twitter who have a footballer as their avatar, talk absolute shite, base all of their football knowledge from FIFA and have a vocab which predominantly consists of terms such as ‘bantz' and other such turgid diction) have genuinely pissed me off, due to the complete ignorance and idiocy of them. For the sake of my health, I'm not going to embark on another search of Tweets to show you examples, but just search ‘Bogdan' on Twitter, and you'll find them with little issue.

I don't have a particular issue with LFC fans saying they should have perhaps gone for a better goalkeeper, one who's played his football in a better league in recent years, that's a more than fair point. I'm sure signing a player who's leaving a lowly Championship club on a free is hardly inspiring. On the face of things, due to his injuries in the past season, it does appear as if Bogdan was second choice to Lonergan for the majority of the campaign, which of course is incorrect. It doesn't help when this false assertion is constantly spread like wild fire by big websites who should probably do a little bit more research before writing an article. Squwaka, I'm looking at you.

However, it's Liverpool supporters claiming that Bogdan isn't good enough for them that is really boiling my piss, because the fact of the matter is that he absolutely is.

If Boggers is to go to Anfield only to be the 2nd choice to Mignolet, which seems very likely, then he'll be the best reserve goalkeeper they've had for quite a while. Doni, Itange, Bogdan's fellow countryman Gulacsi (at least when he played for Liverpool) and especially Brad Jones all come nowhere near to the quality of Bogdan. I have seen a lot of more reasonable and clever Liverpool fans state this opinion, in fairness, but one tweet of that mind set really made me lose my shit. "Bogdan's just as good as Jones," it read. "Just as good". JUST AS GOOD?!?   I'd rather have the statue of Nat Lofthouse in my goal over Brad fucking Jones, because at least the ball would hit the static mass of metal on occasion.

As a back up, Bogdan is an excellent piece of business by Liverpool as they've signed a strong, commanding, reliable goalkeeper who can make some of the most laws of physics defying saves imaginable. All for nothing!

Liverpool supporters are bemoaning Brendan's apparent lack of ambition with signing a Championship goalkeeper, but trust me when I say this Liverpool fans, he's actually done a great piece of business for once, as surprising as it may sound.

Bogdan's outstanding performance at Anfield wasn't an anomaly, that's the goalkeeper he is now. Come half way through next season, when Mignolet is on a dodgy patch of form and is consistently making errors that lead to you dropping points - you'll be happy to have him then. I promise you.