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EXCLUSIVE: We've Seen the New BWFC Third Shirt

It's a looker.

Paul Thomas/Getty Images

That's right folks.

Last night me and a few other fellow Bolton Wanderers supporters traveled down to The Macron Stadium to spend our evening with the club, discussing ways in which we could improve the atmosphere on match day over the coming season.

The talk was really positive and lots of great ideas were shared. I'll be discussing the meeting on next weeks #LOVpod and possibly be doing a write up, but for more information please join the Facebook group by clicking here.

Anyways, on to the good stuff.

As the meeting drew to a close, one of the gentlemen we were talking with suddenly sprung a surprise upon us, and offered us a first glance at the new commemorative Bolton Wanderers third kit.

We all already knew of it's existence and what it would look like due to a leaked plan of the kit that surfaced a couple of months ago now, but that piece of clipart didn't do it justice.

Mark my words, this shirt is an absolute stunner and the best we've had in years.

The colours of the shirt are the same as the dark blue and black striped shirt we had in our first season in the Championship.

However, instead of striped, this shirt is hooped. I've been pleading for Bolton to have a hooped shirt for years now, and we finally do!

There are no garish white markings on the sleeve either, like the three stripes on the Adidas kit, as the tradition Macron shoulder logos are in black as to not stand out.

The only other bit of white on the kit, aside from badges and logos, is a bit of timing around the sleeves, which really brings out the shirt's colour.

The collar is also a thing of beauty too. Don't worry! There's no contentious red wound in sight.

No, the collar on the kit is actually a studded one which can be opened or fastened. It's hard to describe, as unlike friend of the site Mark Yesilevskiy (who analysed the new home shirt), I am not gifted with the jargon of the kit industry.

But it looks ace.

With the colour and style being a great starting point, it's the little touches and details that Macron really out do themselves with. As we know, the kit is in memory of the 70th anniversary of the Burnden Park disaster, in which thirty-three people tragically lost their lives.

Firstly, on the back of the shirt, the date of the disaster, 1946, is embroiled into the back of the collar. Underneath that lies a small red rose of Lancashire.

The highlight of the kit, however, can be seen just above every vertical black hoop on the front of the shirt, as the name of every victim of the disaster has been printed on the shirt in memory and respect.

So yeah, this could be the best Bolton shirt we've had in years, if not ever.

The club and Macron have really gone above and beyond and for that I can only thank them, as it's a shirt to be proud of.

We were also told in the meeting, in response to the question, that a lot more will be done to commemorate the disaster at an actual game.

The anniversary falls in a week in which we play two home games, against Ipswich Town and Preston North End, so the club will be doing a lot this year to remember the tragedy.

The third kit may even be worn in one of those games, despite being played at the Macron.

I absolutely love the shirt and now find my self wanting to by a Bolton jersey for the first time in years, I really am enjoying how the club have been using the third kit for the past two seasons, and I hope it continues.