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Opinion: What Next for Kevin Davies?

An opinion piece by guest writer Tom Wilson

Paul Thomas/Getty Images

In a move that took many by surprise, Preston North End have decided to relieve Bolton Wanderers legend Kevin Davies of his duties at deepdale - a mere week after the Lillywhites vowed to keep the grizzled 38 year old veteran on board at Deepdale.

Davies took to Twitter to air his disappointment at the decision to not offer him a new contract; citing that a "new challenge" is required.

The inevitable link being made by many is for Davies' to return to the Macron Stadium to add to his 351 appearances for the club he represented for ten years, would this be a good move for all involved though?

The sentimental desire to see SKD in a Wanderers shirt again is clearly there but this isn't the same Bolton as the one Davies departed back in 2013, Lennon needs to be really smart about his signings and he's the one who needs to decide if bringing in Davies would bring results on the pitch.

Another role that many a Wanderers fan would like to see Davies occupy is a coaching role at the Whites, training the young players and giving them valuable lessons from somebody who performed week in week out for a decade.

Personally this is the option I'd be most interested in seeing Davies take, in a time when not a lot of transfers are going to take the Macron by storm it's important to focus on developing the players that already play for the club and having the expertise of somebody like Davies would be a big boost for these young players who want to be mentioned in the same breath as SKD in years to come.

Football is a really weird thing, if a magical footy genie came to me and said "you have the chance to decide between Heskey and Davies" I'd probably choose Heskey - If you gave me that choice 12 months ago I'd pick Davies without hesitation.

This is a very interesting situation that I'm sure many Bolton fans like myself will be monitoring closely for the next couple of weeks, the likely scenario of course being every sports site on the internet making the Bolton link and Davies ends up signing for the Portland Timbers or some bollocks. I'm hopeful that we see Kevin Davies wear the Bolton shirt again one day, don't get me wrong.

I just don't feel like it's completely necessary at the moment given our current state. I wish all the best to SKD in whichever endeavor he finds himself in come August.

As of writing this article Bolton have just announced three big signings which I'm sure will influence results in the forthcoming Championship campaign, will Davies be added to the entourage of signings made by our lord and saviour Neil Lennon? Who knows, but I do know one thing...

He'll never have hair like Gary Madine.